Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MNF - Go Jags!

Nate's birthday weekend extravaganza came to a close with a tailgate party and the Monday Night Football game.

Thanks to the Jags for showing up and beating the Ravens. woohoo!

The weather was wonderful! A little chilly - but PERFECT for football! :)

We were in the top section - Row Z - so I was a little concerned that all the stairs might cause an early appearance for Skylar -- instead, all we got was a massive amount of swelling by the time I got home and all through the next day! Which kind of suprised me since we are still walking 3 miles a day very regularly -- it must have been the chicken wings, chips and salsa, crackers & cheeseball combined with the stairs? :) I could not resist all the yummy tailgate food -- and the salty-ness that it held! Mmmm salt! I could salt my salt these days! :)

Here are some pictures from Monday night! :) Enjoy. And just for the record. Though you cannot see it that well, I am pretty sure that Nate's "food baby" is still bigger than the real one I have! ha!

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