Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 Months!

Dear Skylar,

We have survived 6 months - and are halfway to your first birthday -- can you believe it? I sure can't! This past month I would say everyday it seems like you are learning something new -- and becoming more and more fun! I love it! Each morning when I go to get you out of your crib - after taking a minute to listen to you talk to yourself and just thank the Lord for giving you to us -- I promise when I see that smile on your face - you are even cuter than the day before! :) I am so very blessed to be your mom!

The day after you turned 5 months old - you babbled the word "Dada" I could have died! I could not BELIEVE you would say "dada" before "mama" especially since I have practicly said "mama" every other word to you since you were born - just to guarantee you said my name first! Granted - you have cried and made noises that SOUNDED something like mama before -- but this was a clear "dada" - not that you KNEW what you were saying, of course, but your dad was thrilled - I was not - okay - maybe I was still thrilled -- but I will be sure to remind you of this moment when your child refuses to say "mama" first - no matter how hard you work with them. :) I WAS glad however, that you at least said "mama" clearly before the month was over - infact - the day BEFORE you turned 6 months old - so technically - the same month. :) ha!

You started sitting up all on your own this month - we started noticing you would TRY to sit up alone -- when you were in the bathtub, stroller, or being put in your car seat - but I think I was shocked when you actually sat alone -- I was even MORE shocked when before the month was over - you sat YOURSELF up from a crawling position. I think that was the day I realized my teeny tiny newborn was gone -- someone turned you into a baby. This makes me so sad - yet so happy!

The biggest thing we did this month - was your first road trip -- to Virginia for your Aunt Amanda's wedding. Boy was that an adventure -- I am pretty sure your daddy says the trip SHOULD take around 10 hours -- of course, that is with grown adults who know how to not drink diet coke the entire trip - and who only need one bathroom break -- so needless to say - even before you were born- I have never allowed him to make this trip in 10 hours -- only this time -- I got to blame all the bathroom/stretch/food breaks on you! :)

You did so great the first day -- (we drove about 6.5 hours of the way) and the beginning of day 2 you were great as well - where we went wrong was stopping for lunch at a mall about 45 minutes away from where we needed to be - and letting you be out of the carseat for about an hour...I think you thought we were there - and when we put you back in -- it was all downhill from there. We learned our lesson and on the way home we did the entire trip in one day -- you did so good - your daddy and I were both so very very proud of you!! I will have to write an entire post about all the things you did while we were on the trip -- because of course, your first vacation should get an entire post to itself. :)

You LOVE the pool and being outside -- which I am SOO thankful for! You LOVED being in the grass on vacation - maybe an outfielder in the making? I can't wait til our next vacation this summer - to see how you enjoy the beach -- and to see how much sand you try to eat! ha!

You tried a ton of new fruits and veggis this month -- so far you LOVE all the fruits (I think you probably have a sweet tooth like mommy and daddy) - except peaches you didn't like the first few times - we are working on those -- you also seem to enjoy all of the veggis we have given you - except peas. Which I cannot blame you -- I hate them too - I was determined to make you eat them - and figured with enough tries you might could stomach them -- but when you started gagging and tearing up -- I tried them myself -- I'm pretty sure I made the same face and then threw them away. I am truly sorry if in some way I have scarred you for life for even attempting to make you like them - they were really gross. There are plenty of other vegtables you can eat without having to enjoy peas. :)

We started using your highchair to feed you in instead of the bumbo or the bouncer -- you love it! I think because you sit "at" the dinner table with us for dinner - instead of being fed separately -- we have started having real FAMILY dinners - and its probably one of my favorite times of the day. :)

At your 6 month appointment - you weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces - and were 26 1/2 inches long - 75% for height - and 10% for weight! Still a skinny little thing -- but I am learning to totally enjoy the time I have when you are still teeny! :) You are wearing 6 months clothes for the most part -- you definitely don't fill any of them out - but the length of almost all of the 3 month clothes (minus dresses) is too short. I am glad we are getting to wear alot of the cute outfits you have for the summer! Still in size 2 diapers - and probably will be for a while unless you get some chunk!

You are only "eating" one meal a day - maybe a snack in the morning -- we are trying to work you up to 3 meals a day before your 9 month appointment -- but you really don't have any interest -- unless of course it is some type of fruit! ha!

You grab for anything and everything you can get your hands on (especially hilarious is the straw to my tumbler (or any cup really)- you grab the straw and put it right in your mouth - just like you know what to do with it!)- and you will find a way to get to what you want -- although its not a "crawl" yet. I know it is only a matter of time before nothing is safe anymore! :)

I can't believe we are halfway to your first birthday party -- it seems like just yesterday I was writing the one month update -- barely able to keep my eyes open from sleep deprivation -- and here I am with a child that I am up before every morning - WAITING to see what you learn that day! I am so very blessed to be your mommy - and everyday I thank God for loaning you to me! I know that you are really his child - and I am just a tool with the responsibility to teach you about Him. Your daddy and I are realizing everyday how truly blessed we are to be your parents - and cannot wait to see what God has in store for your little life.

Love you Skylar, to the moon and back! Mommy