Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11 Months

Dear Skylar, You are now 11 months old! "I can't believe it"...I feel the need to continue the tradition of saying this in each post -- and YES - it is still true! Your little personality comes out more and more each day and it has been AMAZING to me to see how much you remember and how much you LEARN each day!! It is crazy to me how much you have blossomed! ....I can guarantee that your daddy will say two things to me every day -- GUARANTEE -- those two things are "Carrie, she is SOOOO smart" and "Oh my goodness, I love this little girl -- I LOOOOVE this little girl!!"...and I never get tired of hearing it - because it is exactly how I feel too. :) You don't seem to have grown much -- maybe length wise, but not too much in weight - we moved you to size three diapers just because we have some many boxes that I have stocked up on, and they seem to work fine -- even though its seems you could wrap it around your skinny little waist twice! You are still in 6-9 month clothes -- still sleeping in 3 month pants/leggins, but I have gone ahead and bought a couple of things for this winter in 12 months -- just in case you decide to have a growth spurt! :) This month you really started trying to mimic words and are remembering what things are. You will point and say "dat" or try to say the word if you remember it. This month you said "duckie" (guckie) "woah buddy" (whoo bubee) "ball" (baw) and you will tell us that the cow says "Mooo" (Mmmmm). You still say dada ALOT - and Mama more and more. Your 4th tooth came in this month - top left -- and boy was that a bear. I can usually tell now, you start to drool like CRAZY about 2 days before it breaks through -- this one came in the middle of the night, and we were ALL up and awake for it - you made sure of that! :) I am just very thankful the two nights of not-much-sleep didn't turn into a habit! :) You blew you first kiss this month - to Mimi. It was SO.STINKING.PRECIOUS. Now it is very dramatic -- You wave -- "buh buh" (bye bye) and then put your hand to your mouth and say....MMMMMMMMMMMuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh....so cute! :) You took your first steps with no hands on September 29th to GGpa - at GG's house. Yall were outside on the back porch and GGma and I were in the kitchen and hear "Carrie Carrie Carrie" I looked out the window just in time to see the last one before you fell - I am so proud - and I am pretty sure it is one of your GGpa's favorite memories ever -- how could it not be!! You are still very cautious -- I honestly thought you would be walking all over by now, but you are just very content to crawl - it is faster and safer in your opinion (yes, I can tell) and that is just fine with me. My very favorite memory of all this month - actually of your life so far - was on September 25th - when we sat down for dinner and went to pray ... we have been folding our hands in front of your highchair and bowing our heads before dinner to bless the food since you were tiny -- and I had been working with you everyday at breakfast and lunch -- but that night, when your daddy said "Let's say the blessing!" You folded your hands and looked down at them. Seriously - I can hardly type this without getting all choked up. I was one of the most precious things I have ever seen in my life, Skylar. I know that right now, you might not know exactly what it means to pray, but to know that we are setting the foundation for you now, is so incredibly important to your daddy and I. If I do nothing else in this life, but raise a little girl who knows and loves Jesus with all her heart - I will be a happy mom. There is nothing that I want more for you that to know Jesus NOW - early in life - and to make decisions- for the rest of your life- with HIM in the forefront of your mind. You are so precious to me, but even MORE precious to Jesus, and I can only pray that your daddy and I make that clear to you. I can't believe that the next time I write to you it will be your BIRTHDAY!! But it will be here before I know it, and I am excited to see what this next month brings! I love you, sweet girl. Mama