Thursday, October 6, 2011


7 weeks and 3 days.


52 days?

Holy Cow.

That is what the coutdown clock said this morning.

I cannot believe we are this close-ish (assuming she comes in the ballpark area of her due date) to meeting our little girl!


We had our first CBE [Child Birth Education] class last night. Thank goodness for a lady with a hilariously twisted sense of humor who enjoys giving a good anatomy lesson - if not for her I would have left a hot mess.

I will say, I can go the entire rest of my life without ever hearing the word "moist" and "gush" again. Ever. However, due to the content of the class, I am pretty sure Nate and I will show up with a tally sheet next week so that we can keep our sanity while repeatedly hearing some of the most awkward words in the English language. Gush gush gush gush just sounds gu-ross. :)

We learned the basics of relaxation - I actually had to open my eyes half way through this part of the class because this lady was good - I mean REAL good at the relaxing part - and I would have been REALLY embarrassed to fall out of my chair because I zonked out to her yoga mood music.

Hopefully Nate was taking good notes - because I am still in the "I want to try to do this natural" phase - and if he can get me to relax like that - according to the funny lady - it will be way easier. WAY easier! I think I can - I think I can - I think I can!

Anyway, here is the most recent belly pic. She is getting mighty large. I have got to start taking these pics - NOT at 6 AM.

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jb said...

Carrie, you look adorable! You are going to be such a wonderful mommy!