Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another kid, a New House and a Giant Puppy Later...

Wow. It has been almost four years since I have blogged. Life is whizzing by at the speed of toddlers and sure isn't slowing down.

Sweet Skylar is almost 5 and has a blog post for every month of her first year of life. And Wyatt (oh yeah, I had another baby) has turned two (did I mention it was a while ago?) and he barely has pants on most days, much less a blog post. For that I am truly sorry, son. Thankfully, Wyatt has loads of cute captions on monthly photos all tucked away on the shelf in the living room thanks to social media advances and an app called chatbooks. For that I am truly grateful.

So here we are four years later. Skylar is in VPK and would stay at school all week - not even coming home on the weekends - if she could. She is in gymnastics and loves it so much that we have lost 1 towel rod and 1 curtain rod to bar routines, and a toilet seat to a split-jump landing (which is apparently hard to stick when you land between the wall and the commode and the seat lands across the bathroom). She is creative, funny, motherly, passionate - she loves people, cooking, dressing up and animals. Then there is the Wy Guy (which we totally swore we would never call him while I was pregnant - and here we are). Wyatt is two and has literally made me reconsider every parenting thing I thought I had figured out on the first go around. He never slept - and still sometimes doesn't. He didn't say much - just screamed - until he started talking and now he does't stop talking (unless he is screaming). He is funny, sweet, shy and tender. Boy, is he all boy. Rough. Strong. He is just my little boyfriend. He could be outside all day long and would never wear clothes if we didn't make him. 

When I first started this blog, it was so my family could keep up with Nate (and his family) and me while we went on a post-college graduation trip to Europe - where we got engaged. Then it turned into a documentary for our first pregnancy which turned into blogging Skylar's first year of life. Then she started walking and moving around and I barely sat down again to pee, much less write. Until tonight. I am (We are) dusting off the blog to document our newest adventure - and possibly the scariest (but totally worth it) one yet. Our Adoption Story.