Thursday, June 23, 2011


Vacation. Was. Awesome.

It was beautiful. However, we got home, and realized we took pictures of the resort where we stayed, but none of us, and this one is off my phone - not even the camera....

I did notice I got REALLY hot/overheated REALLY fast. Usually, I am a 7-8 hour a day in the sun on vacation - remind me to roll over every half hour or so - and throw me a cracker and I am good to go - this year, we only stayed out for a MAX of 4 hours everyday -- however it was WONDERFUL to just BE together - and enjoy the sunshine. We ate at several FABULOUS restaurants, shopped alot (thankfully we don't know if we are having a boy or girl yet or we would have come back with a negative balance in our account I am sure of it - especially at the outlet mall we found) and went to see a movie one night.

We celebrated my birthday, and as usual, Nate spoiled me with a fablous gift - iPad 2 - I have never been much of a "techy" - but I must say - this thing is the JAM! I love it! It is AWESOME! I love it! It is FABULOUS! I love it! Did I mention it's the JAM? While I am sure Nate will tell you, he had probably logged more hours on it than I have (he swears it really is mine) - I have really enjoyed having a "toy!" That boy is too good to me. I kinda like him a little bit. :)

Anyway, we are back to the real world and thinking that in 2 weeks we will be half-way home so to speak and having a baby sooner than we can imagine....kinda wierd! I think a few more weekends out of town are in the works for a little more "us" time before Bean arrives. Beka, wanna dog sit...again? :)

A Modest Bean?

My mother would be so proud of the Bean. It's modest. I am not. She always told me growing up, I had no "modesty" - I mean I wasn't a nudist by any means - but the girls in my house way outnumbered the boys growing up and we had no qualms changing and running around with just undies and or bathing suits, sharing a bathroom while doing various bathroom activities all together etc...

Anyway, we have this wonderful "sex party" (yes mom, I wrote it) - okay - so a "gender reveal" party - planned for next Friday when Nate's parents will be in town - and our appointment to find out the gender was Monday of this week...
only instead of showing us the goodies....Bean literally put his/her face in the camera the entire time and grinned - it was funny - yet GOODNESS is that baby stubborn! (like his mama, I guess) and the few times we got the Bean to turn he put his bottom only - legs firmly tucked and crossed - in the "camera"....therefore the child is either mooning (JUST like dad - and all of you that know Nate well enough know THAT is the durn truth!!) or being a mom -- which means I have a feeling either way we will have our hands full!

So -- We have another appointment next Wednesday - to try again -- we are going to have a party either way -- I feel like at this point it's probably better that we didn't find out this week (or should I say that they didn't give us an envelope with boy.girl written in it) because this way will be much less tempting to sneak a peak at the gender before the party!

Cross your fingers and uncross your legs that this Bean cooperates next week!!

First picture is a face shot (notice the grin) and the bottom is the baby at a really uncomfortable angle.

Also, this morning I woke up with an "official" bump - the doctor even told me on Monday that I was awfully flat still for 18 weeks and not even two days later I look down and see a hill of BEAN on my tummy.

Buckle Up. Here we go!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My bump - My bump - My lovely baby bump!

I woke up on Saturday morning with this.....

Which I just think might be the start of "the bump"

Confession time:

...while this is all so amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world...the gym rat in me is not very happy about it, momentarily - I'm sure, and maybe when this looks more like a baby bump...and not like I just ate a big cheeseburger and fries (which sound GREAT right now, sidenote) will be better.

Thankfully I have the best husband - in the entire universe - yep, I do - and he swears he doesn't see a thing -- ha...his upper lip also twitches when he is saying this - which means he might just be fibbing.

Oh well! Onward and Upward....errr Outward? :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I can *ALMOST* feel the sand between my toes....

....and the sun on my nose!
Every year Nate and I have been REALLY good about planning vacations and getting away - usually long weekends for anniversary and birthdays and then week long vacations in the summer and fall...

It is so wierd to think that this year will be the last year it will be just the two of us...I mean - our normal summer vacation routine....sleeping in at the beach until 10, being in the sun until 4 and then finding a local spot for dinner, maybe a movie and some shopping...will probably have to be changed a little.....

Don't get me wrong - I love me some minnie mouse -- but how wierd to think that we will be taking "family" vacations instead of "couple" vacations?! Ahh!
We have made a deal though, at least ONE "couple" vacation a year -- even if its only a long 4 day weekend! Gotta keep the spark right?! :)

Anyway...I can't wait to be HERE for a week (this time the summer vacation happens to fall on my birthday week - I am hoping to also milk a birthday weekend make-up trip out of him later this summer -- I mean after all -- it might be the last one for a while! :) )

Baby Sister #1 - Graduates!?

Is that possible?! I feel old. I can't imagine how old her parents must feel?! :) ha!

No seriously! I feel like I went away for college -- and she was just a wee little 12year old - in that perfectly 12-year old awkward - I'm still growing in to my body (and boy when I do is dad gonna be in trouble) stage.

Now she is a BEAUTIFUL, tall, young wom...err lady! I can't even call her a "woman" or I feel like we all age 27 years.

Here are some pictures from her graduation and party -- we had so much fun! I am so very proud of you, Candace! I know that God has HUGE plans for your life, and I pray that you stay strong in your convictions and ALWAYS care what HE thinks about you, over what other think of you. At the end of the day - what you do for HIM is what matters! Love you much, pretty girl!