Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend we actually had a little bit of time to relax...or did we? I can't remember! Ha!

I do know, I was able to do a few things I have been wanting to do, so even though it might have been wiser to have taken a nap or done some laundry -- we didn't! :)

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

I baked yeast bread. It finally turned out. This was attempt #3.
It is still a little dense in my opinion - but practice makes perfect! :)
Don't you love how "evenly divided" the bread was between loaves? Ha!

I made two cute little onsies for Skylar. One Florida State and one christmas -- this was the extent of my craftiness this weekend due to mild gluegunphobia (yes, it is a real fear) - I still dont have fingerprints on my left hand....however - I resorted to sewing everything instead of glue...which is probably better in the long run anyway...

AAANND Nate's grandparents delivered a BEAUTIFUL high chair. Everyone knows how I love OLD things...and this was Nate's high chair (or his brothers or his sisters - more than likely they all used it at one time or another)....Nate's grandma sanded and painted it for me. I am SOO very thankful -- because if this project had been left up to me, I have a feeling it would still be in the garage next to the wall art project for the nursery I have been meaning to do/finish since we found out she was a girl...oh...I dont know...since July...
I can't wait to see her use this - how cute for her first birthday and smash cake....oh holy cow! Let's not rush it! :)

Hopefully this weekend I will get my bag packed for the hospital - her bag packed - and a last load of laundry done before she gets here. We also need to get the glider and put that together and we should be done with the nursery...minus that art project in the garage.....

I am really hoping the doctor tells me today that I have already started progressing a little bit - and hopefully she says she will be here a little early! We shall see!

:) Happy Thursday!

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