Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MNF - Go Jags!

Nate's birthday weekend extravaganza came to a close with a tailgate party and the Monday Night Football game.

Thanks to the Jags for showing up and beating the Ravens. woohoo!

The weather was wonderful! A little chilly - but PERFECT for football! :)

We were in the top section - Row Z - so I was a little concerned that all the stairs might cause an early appearance for Skylar -- instead, all we got was a massive amount of swelling by the time I got home and all through the next day! Which kind of suprised me since we are still walking 3 miles a day very regularly -- it must have been the chicken wings, chips and salsa, crackers & cheeseball combined with the stairs? :) I could not resist all the yummy tailgate food -- and the salty-ness that it held! Mmmm salt! I could salt my salt these days! :)

Here are some pictures from Monday night! :) Enjoy. And just for the record. Though you cannot see it that well, I am pretty sure that Nate's "food baby" is still bigger than the real one I have! ha!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nate's Birthday and Less than 5 weeks!?

We are almost exactly 1 month away from "D" day. (D is for Due Day - that's good enough for me...D is for Due Day la la la la la la....)

Can NOT believe it has happened so fast!

We had a FABULOUS weekend celebrating Nate's birthday! The big 2-5.

We had dinner, hung out with great friends, did a little shopping, went to the Zoo's Spooktacular and tonight we are going to the MNF game to support our Jaguars!

Nate has been one celebrated person - but I sure hope he soaked it up - because this time next year -- I am almost certain we will be a little more focused on a certain someone's ONE year birthday party and he might just get one day to celebrate - not an entire weekend! :)

Before we went to the zoo last night - we decided to take a belly shot update -- Sully and Lilo are definitely well aware that something is going on. There was a ton of tiny laundry done this weekend and we spent ALOT of time in her room organizing -- so they spent alot of time sniffing around and wondering what is happening I'm sure! :)

Anyway - during the belly shots - Sully was staring at my belly, then Lilo joined in - and of course, Sully gave Skylar a hug! ha! At the very end we finally got a shot of just "Skylar". She is definitely poking out there :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Little Update!

Skylar's bedding arrived! I couldn't wait to get it on the bed and Nate I think - was just as excited as I was! :) We moved all the presents and boxes and things that have yet to be put away just to see what it would look like (which means that the entire rest of the room was un-photograph-able ... is that a word?) but none the less - we got the bed together! :)

We also tried out the carseat -- with the cabbage patch of course -- and THIS made it feel so much more real. I am officially excited. Nate I think - is borderline giddy. It's so precious. :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skylar's Party - Family Style

Skylar is one loved little girl!! I am so very thankful that there are so many people who already care about this little baby! It is hard for me to imagine that I could love her more than I already do - but I know that when she gets here this feeling will just be magnified even more!

Here are pictures from the most recent party to celebrate Skylar's arrival -- that hopefully - will be in a few weeks!

There was yummy food! Such sweet hostesses! Hilariously funny games (nursery rhyme charades - please note pictures above -- apparently I get my dramatics from mi madre!) and of course - Skylar was spoiled with adorable clothes, sweet blankets, diapers - including ones in the shape of a cake! - wipes, feeding and kitchen supplies, a car seat and my new breast friend...err.. a breast pump. :) ha!

Now, if her bedding would just hurry up and get here -- she would have just about everything a girl could possibly need or want! Except for the fact that we have been so busy her entire room is covered with boxes, gifts and bags -- we might should work on that! :)

Happy Wednesday! Here's to another night with Diane - the most hilarious child birth education teacher on the planet. I really hope this week Nate can keep from crying watching the birth of a placenta. :)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


What is a babymoon?

More recently the term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby.

Babymoon can also be used for a trip taken by a couple even before they get pregnant. As long as the trip is intended to be a final romantic fling before venturing into parenthood, the term babymoon applies.

Thank you Wikipedia.

Don't you love that it sounds like once you take this LAST FINAL trip as a couple - you will have a baby and your life will be OVER? I just can't wait. :) ha!

Nate and I had a baby-babymoon this past weekend. We didn't go far - but we DID go to one of our favorite places. Fernandina Beach. We didn't get there until around 5 on Friday - so the weekend felt EXTREMELY short - but it was still so nice to be AWAY even if it was just for two nights.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL!! Saturday there was a car show downtown - which Nate was thrilled about - and honestly, I could have cared less - I was away from the house, enjoying the sunshine - holding hands with my hubby. What could be better? Oh yes, did I mention that even Nate has come to enjoy the little antique stores there as well? He would probably never admit it - so I will go ahead and do it for him. :) He got his car fix and I got my shopping fix. :)

We also had our maternity pictures taken with the always fabulous Jen Mosley -- love that lady! Thankfully, she did mostly belly shots and eliminated the need to show my swollen chipmunk cheeks and nose! :) If you know of any brides that want a super fun chick to take their wedding pics - she is your girl! Jen's Site.

We didn't take any pictures - except this one that Nate snapped with his phone. I sure hope that we get better at that when the life-ending child arrives. :)

Hope everyone else had an awesome weekend.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Skylar's Second Super Shindig

How is that for alliteration??

Here are some pictures from the awesome shower thrown for Skylar by two of the best "aunts" this girl could every ask for -- the decorations were so adorable - and I am pretty sure no detail was left off -- this was a "pinterest" worthy party! :) for sure.

THANK YOU Beka and Emily! I was talking to Nate the night after this party, about just how awesome it is to have girlfriends that I literally was in diapers with - that to this day are my closest friends. I am so very truly blessed - and this sweet baby has NO IDEA how blessed SHE is to inherit such wonderful godly influences in here life. I could not be more thankful!

There were a TON of ladies at this shower and each one of them holds such a special place in my life. I can't wait for Skylar to meet them all.

On another note - we have finally hung a few things on the wall in her room - (I still have to make one big project for the wall over her bed) - and I did my first load of baby laundry tonight. I'm not sure why that made it all seem a little more real to me. :) But I am definitely feeling a little -- i mean *LITTLE* more ready for her to be here. She still has a little while to "bake" though! :)

:) Off to help Nate in the nursery - he wanted to "build" the pack-n-play - and judging from the sound of the crash that just came from that direction -- he probably needs some help reading the directions! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


7 weeks and 3 days.


52 days?

Holy Cow.

That is what the coutdown clock said this morning.

I cannot believe we are this close-ish (assuming she comes in the ballpark area of her due date) to meeting our little girl!


We had our first CBE [Child Birth Education] class last night. Thank goodness for a lady with a hilariously twisted sense of humor who enjoys giving a good anatomy lesson - if not for her I would have left a hot mess.

I will say, I can go the entire rest of my life without ever hearing the word "moist" and "gush" again. Ever. However, due to the content of the class, I am pretty sure Nate and I will show up with a tally sheet next week so that we can keep our sanity while repeatedly hearing some of the most awkward words in the English language. Gush gush gush gush just sounds gu-ross. :)

We learned the basics of relaxation - I actually had to open my eyes half way through this part of the class because this lady was good - I mean REAL good at the relaxing part - and I would have been REALLY embarrassed to fall out of my chair because I zonked out to her yoga mood music.

Hopefully Nate was taking good notes - because I am still in the "I want to try to do this natural" phase - and if he can get me to relax like that - according to the funny lady - it will be way easier. WAY easier! I think I can - I think I can - I think I can!

Anyway, here is the most recent belly pic. She is getting mighty large. I have got to start taking these pics - NOT at 6 AM.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was relatively low key (imagine that) - probably the last one like this before our sweet little gem arrives! And by low key I mean no SET plans -- only somewhat fun stuff! Maybe we can squeeze in one more?!? Please?!

We started off Friday with a double date....with my parents. Funny, we have been married for almost 3 years, and together for over 6 - yet we have never done that with them. Never gone to dinner or a movie without the entire rest of the family too - it was so much fun. Way too many laughs. To the point we were almost certain I would go into labor early just because we were laughing so hard.

We had a FABULOUS dinner at Red Elephant - probably, hands down, one of my favorite places for casual dining. The food is ALWAYS delish. Try it if you have not - you are missing a big piece of your life if you haven't - I assure you.
We followed up dinner with a movie.

Courageous. Which was such a refreshing change from regular movies at the theater -- this one actually has a WONDERFUL message - is an AWESOME challenge to dads -- and was just a roller coaster of emotions! From cracking up laughing to crying to laughing all over again. It was SOO good, in fact, that I didn't even get up to pee the entire time. THAT, my friends, means it was a good movie! :) Go see it.

Saturday we had a few errands to run, and wanted to squeeze in some baby love with the newest member of the Price family. We started off the morning at the farmers market (downtown) -- and can I just say, I will NEVER pay grocery store prices for produce again!
Nate and I decided we will make this a weekly trip! It made us both want to eat more veggis! (I always have a hard time getting Nate to do this - so YEA! Farmer's market!)
We were able to score 2 heads of romaine lettuce, 2 cucumbers (the size of your arm), clementines, celery, carrots, green beans, onions, tomatoes, and bananas all for $15! I would spend over $30 - maybe almost 40 in the grocery store for the same amount of produce. It's a shame! (Nate would probably also like me to mention he spent $3 for a HUGE bag of boiled peanuts that he was still munching on during the game on Sunday!) It could have been the fact that the WEATHER was absolutely GORGEOUS on Saturday - it only added to our wonderful experience! Hopefully when Skylar gets old enough to "pick" her own food - going to a place like this will make her want to eat all kinds of yummy things!

Did I mention that most of the people selling things have "samples" of their fresh fruit?? I tried pomegranate. Yum! Wierd - because I still don't understand how you would feel like it was a filling "snack" - but it was still delish!

We tried a new restaraunt - The Crazy Egg (thank you Living Social for the half off deal) - it was fabulous! I had a WONDERFUL Cuban sandwich - and - (bad, I know) French Fries -- extra CRISPY French Fries -- it was soo yummy. And Nate had french toast and bacon. (Might I add this was "lunch" at 2pm on Saturday?) His was delish too -- Big fluffy bakery FRENCH bread French Toast -- not your average bear! :)

We spent some time getting some baby love - from a super sweet 4 week old -which only added to Nate's excitment for HIS turn to be a dad. I know he is going to be FABULOUS! I can't wait to see him holding Skylar!

Then went home and cooked homemade chicken pot pie -- with all our yummy fresh veggis! It was wonderful! (I think I posted the recipe I "created" during a random attempt at artistry in the kitchen) This is now one of Nate's favorites.

Sunday was really low key, church, lunch at Moe's (because that is where we always go on Sundays - we have become regulars) - quick trip to Publix and then home to relax.
After our walk last night though, Nate and I decided we needed to start working with the dogs on not getting so excited when we walk through the door - in preparation for the Bean's which we decided to pull out the old cabbage patch Nate bought me when we first started dating...
Nate carried it around for a while, talking to the dogs like they completely understood him, telling them how they would be getting a baby sister, and they could not lick her or be loud etc....I was dying. This little girl can't get here quick enough for him. Its precious.

Here is Nate with his "practice" baby - please note - she does have curly brown hair, dimples and blue eyes - exactly what he thinks Skylar will look like. What a funny guy.

Happy Monday!