Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Months

Dear Skylar, Double digits. It feels like a dream to just TYPE this. You are T-E-N months old. And I could NOT be more in love with you! :) You are learning something new everyday - growing (slowly but surely) so big - and if it is possible -- you are more fun and adorable everyday. At you check up you were 16 lbs 3 ounces - 27 1/2 inches long. Still in size 2 diapers (although at night we sometimes put you in a 3 if we think about it - just to be sure it will hold for the entire night). You still fit into all of your 6 month clothes (some 3 month dresses)and have just barely been able to wear ONE outfit that says 12 month on the tag -- it is still really big! Your top two teeth are starting to come down -- but haven't popped through the gums quite yet! You have eaten a TON of new foods this month - grilled cheese, lunch meat (turkey and ham), chicken, beef and pork (your first tastes of meat) you didn't really care for any of it at first -- but now you like it -- brownie and icecream (do I even need to write that you LOVED this?), chocolate pudding (another LOVE), kiwi, grapes and lettuce (not a fan) to name a few. There isn't really anything that you absolutely HATE which I really hope continues -- it makes mommy's life so much easier to cook one meal for us all! :) You have really become a little chatterbox! You said, goggie (doggie) -- and you will tell us what the "goggie" says (he pants with his tounge out) haha! You said "pop pop" "giggle/tickle" -- they sound the same - attempted the word "duckie" and "ball" "uh oh" and "okay". (You have perfected "hi" "hey" "byebye" "mama" "dada".) You used a straw (successfully) for the first time on the 18th. And stood up and let go on the 22nd. Once you did this -- it was immediate pride in yourself and you would do it all the time -- usually squealing right before you let go to be sure someone is watching! You will "share" whatever you are playing with if someone asks for a turn -- yet you almost always hold you hand back out - as if you ask for it back! You clapped for the first time and say/scream something that sounds like "yeah" -- and it is one of the funniest/cutest things ever! Whenever someone says "yay!" or "good job, Skylar" you will clap and say "yyeeaaahhh"! So. precious. You started making a "cheese" face when someone takes your picture or holds up the camera. It is more like a scrunched up - show-me-your-gums face. It is adorable - but makes it SUPER hard to catch a real smile! Your photoshoots each month (okay each day) are becoming more of a blurry try-to-catch-a-grin shoot! We went on vacation as just a family of three - to the beach. You LOVED it -- even more than before. You were into EVERYTHING! By the end of the vacation you were crawling on hands and feet only (like a little monkey) in the sand because you little knees were so red from crawling all over the shells/sand all week! You did SOOOO good being away from home -- we always joke that you are the "clutch baby" we can almost count on you ALWAYS being in a good mood if we are out and about - even if you were grumpy at home. We went out to dinner every night and without fail everywhere you went - you made new friends by waving and saying "hey" "hi" and then clapping for whoever waved back at you. I am so thankful to have such a happy little girl! You are the biggest blessing the Father has given your daddy and I and we could not be more proud to be your parents! Even though your first birthday is getting so close -- you will always be our BABY and I can't wait to see what big plans the Lord has for you, our little girl. Love you forever. Mommy