Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7 - The X Games are Calling

Soo... it snowed - and we were in the mountains...and my husband is an adrenaline junky, and master of all sports I am not. Nate surfs, skates, wakeboards, kneeboards, and does all those "punky" things that I have never had the knack for. BUT we were in Colorado, where it's world class skiing/snowboarding...and of course...they open the slopes for the first week of the "season" while we are there...
so guess where we got the slopes. Now mind you, I have gone "skiing" before...however, spent almost two days on the bunny slope...barely made in off the mountain in one piece! And honestly, didn't have much fun - BUT I knew I should give it another shot...for once, I didn't have a coach (who will remain nameless aahhemmm "DAD")reminding me that if I hurt myself I would be out for the entire softball season.

We made it to the mountain, and i was totally excited...then I saw the hills...and the ski lift...and the 4000 other people who all looked like they knew exactly what they were doing....then i started to get nervous...
Nate stood at the bottom of the mountain with me for almost 20 minutes as I watched people fly down the mountain falling, jumping, and doing all kinds of tricks at speeds i did not think looked too safe!

After talking myself BACK into trying it...we went in to get sized for a board..and the guy have NEVER snowboarded before?? (No, sir, we have SAND where I come from...not this white cold stuff!) ...he then precedes to tell us how much harder than skiing it is, and how these are NOT conditions for a beginner! Great THANK YOU sir, for the vote of confidence!

Little did he know that, telling me I CANT do something, only makes me want to do it more! So, I got fitted, grabbed my board and got on the slope! Now, I busted my butt getting off the lift...okay, maybe it was my face....either way..I busted...and I busted again and again and again! IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!!!

I got the hang of it, but just had a little trouble steering!! Nate did AWESOME! It took him a bit ,but I am pretty sure if you ask him about it he would say it was his new favorite thing to do!

We might have to go every year now! :) love this!! Did I mention that it is Sunday, and I can hardly move I am still so sore?!

Day 6

Denver ZOO!!

Nate and I LOVE all things four-legged or furry - so we always try to go to the zoo in the cities we visit!
Yes, we were the only ones that didn't have a stroller or young one in tow ... but we have no problem with that! :) This zoo had alot of BABY animals!! So cute!! Also, we could get alot closer to the animals here that some zoos - which obviously made it easier for me, since I am normally a fence jumper at the zoo! :)

Just a few pics!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 5

Nate has become WONDERFUL when it comes to my little ...uh....addiction...
he has learned that no matter where we is a necessity...its a stress reliever for me...and I figure if thats the worst addiction I have (obviously excluding icecream) than I'm doin' alright!

Anyway, we left the camera card at home today on accident, so I couldn't take any pictures until I got home, but it was another BEAUTIFUL day! We drove about an hour to the outlet mall, and in that city it was 27 degrees...but in Avon...our "home" for the got up to a whopping 37 degrees! Alot of the snow has melted already, but it is defnitely chilly still!

We grabbed lunch while we were out at this deli that was recommeneded to us by Beka's soulmate....err..I mean the zip line guide :) SMILING MOOSE DELI - I had THE BEST TOMATO SOUP IN THE WORLD!!! IT WAS SOOO delish! Nate had a sandwhich that was bigger than his head (and ya'll know THAT's HUGE) ... then we shopping some more......(Nate may or may not have bought me a Christmas present...I "forgot")! We decided to grill out tonight, steaks, baked potato, broccoli with cheese...and then a "creative" dessert...grilled apples with cinnamon! DELISH! ( I think next time I will use a slightly sweeter apple - we used granny smith) or a cinnamon/sugar mixture..they were still a little tangy/tart..but OHH SO yummy!! now it's relaxing for the rest of the evening for us! I'm going to post some pics of the dinner and our living space!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 4!

It was snowing again today, so we were not sure if we would be able to still go - but THANKFULLY we could - it was SOOOOOOO cold!! There were only two other ladies that were crazy enough to go on a day like today, but they were really neat to talk to. One lady's husband works for compassion international ( she was carrying a bag that we asked her about that said compassion on it ) which struck up a conversation about the little girl we sponsor in Ethiopia - she sponsors two children, and both of the guides sponsored kids..and one of them has a brother that used to work for Compassion...needless to say by the end of our tour we had convinced the other lady she should sponsor a child too! ha! small world, huh?

Anyway, we went on a zipline course that ranged from 5 miles per hour to 40! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!! I thought I was going to be much more nervous that I was - but I think I was too cold to even think about it! I wish we could have done it for the rest of the day - you feel so FREE up there!! so totally neat!

Here are a couple of pictures! -- Oh, and I forgot to mention, Nate and I both agreed that we met Beka's future husband...he was BEAUTIFUL (sorry Nate) tall, handsome, outdoorsy, rugged, handsome, a little scruff (just enough - McSteamy style)- he is the mngr of the zipline business, and the ranch that houses the zipline business (1500 acres) they are turning it into a Christian kids camp....he was PERFECT...and not married - all I'm saying is, I am kicking myself for not giving away your number bek.....and no...not joking...

Day 3

Well.....we woke up to SSSSNNNNOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! It is soo cold - but BEAUTIFUL!! After yesterday - the weather was so cold and clear, I really didn't think we would be getting any more snow, other than what we drove in through...but we woke up FREEZING (we left the windows open) and sure enough.... SNOW!!
We had a really lazy day....we went to a presentation on how we can own timeshare here in Avon at the number one resort in the Nation (the Westin - check it out) it was really informative, but not something we wanted to do right now, I have gotten pretty good and shopping around for vacation, so cheap or not, it wasn't all that enticing. :) However, we did take our $100 for listening to the presentation!
We played in the snow, took a nap, and then went to a "village" about 20 miles away, EAGLE, explored and went to dinner and a movie! We realized while we were there that it had been the first time since our summer vacation we had seen a movie in theaters! ha! We used to go all the time, and then came the redbox!

Here are some pictures from our day!