Monday, October 24, 2011

Nate's Birthday and Less than 5 weeks!?

We are almost exactly 1 month away from "D" day. (D is for Due Day - that's good enough for me...D is for Due Day la la la la la la....)

Can NOT believe it has happened so fast!

We had a FABULOUS weekend celebrating Nate's birthday! The big 2-5.

We had dinner, hung out with great friends, did a little shopping, went to the Zoo's Spooktacular and tonight we are going to the MNF game to support our Jaguars!

Nate has been one celebrated person - but I sure hope he soaked it up - because this time next year -- I am almost certain we will be a little more focused on a certain someone's ONE year birthday party and he might just get one day to celebrate - not an entire weekend! :)

Before we went to the zoo last night - we decided to take a belly shot update -- Sully and Lilo are definitely well aware that something is going on. There was a ton of tiny laundry done this weekend and we spent ALOT of time in her room organizing -- so they spent alot of time sniffing around and wondering what is happening I'm sure! :)

Anyway - during the belly shots - Sully was staring at my belly, then Lilo joined in - and of course, Sully gave Skylar a hug! ha! At the very end we finally got a shot of just "Skylar". She is definitely poking out there :)

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