Thursday, April 19, 2012


We hosted easter at our house this year - which I completely enjoyed -- not having to go anywhere -- plus getting to try a few new recipes! :) (we took no pictures of the food -- waahh!) We had ham, veggi casserole, homemade potatoes au gratin, homemade sourdough bread, potato salad, deviled eggs, and tons of snacks and appetizers -- it was delish!

Skylar loved all her easter goodies -- she dug right into her easter basket when she sat beside it -- I'm thinking she will be a pro at receiving gifts by her birthday! And of course -- she looked adorable in her easter get-up!

Can't wait to add an egg hunt to our partying next year!! woohoo!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dear Sweet Sky,

When I say the words "she is 5 months" -- I don't believe it - even though I know it is true! I must sound like a broken record in these letters to you, but it is so true -- I remember hearing other moms say "they grow so fast" but I never truly understood that until you!! It is so true!! Last year this time -- we didn't know about you yet -- and here you are 5 months old!

With everyday we fall more in love with you. Seriously, your daddy says to me almost daily "Carrie, I love that little girl so much, even more than yesterday!" And I know EXACTLY what he means! You are just a gem.

You personality is coming out more and more everyday -- and I'm pretty sure you are going to have more spunk that we know what to do with! You are definitely your own person -- and you KNOW what you want -- rarely do you give in -- I can tell I will have my hands full the older you get!

You are getting better about strangers -- but really, if I'm being honest -- I don't think it's a stranger thing as much as it is a mood thing -- if you want people to play with you - you are totally fine -- if you only want mommy or daddy - that is when you all the sudden develop the need to scream when someone else holds you! :0) Stinker. Although, I can't honestly say that I mind -- I know one day you will want to hang out with totally strangers over your parents - so I'll take all the time I can get being the favorite!

This month you changed so much! You are still growing like a weed! Still in size 2 diapers -- and starting to wear some 6 month clothes -- you are still all torso - long and skinny -- I do wish you would get some little rolls on those legs of yours though! :)

You had cereal for the first time -- and mixed with it you had bananas, apples, sweet potatoes and pears -- you loved it all!! The first time you had cereal (March 14) you barely kept any of it in your mouth -- and by the end of the month we can't get it in your mouth fast enough! You will open your mouth as big as you can - and if we don't get the spoon to you fast enough -- you stick your thumb in and start sucking it like your going to eat it right off your hand! Which brings me to the fact you have a new best friend -- that thumb of yours. You like both of them -- and can find them no matter what position you are in -- I am doing my best to keep them out of your mouth when you are awake and trying to distract you with toys -- but sometimes you want nothing but that thumb! :)

You had your second night away from home on March 9 - Daddy and I ran the River Run (9.3 miles). This was a goal I set for myself when I found out I would be having you -- Last year I ran it pregnant with you (I didn't know it yet) and decided it would be a way for me to try to get back into shape after having you -- while keeping the tradition going. Needless to say -- this year felt so much different than last year (could have been all your milk I was carrying around :) ) -- it was so difficult -- but I told myself that one day I could tell you -- "I didn't think I could -- but I did -- and you can do anything you try to do too!" If you ever have a sister (or brother, I suppose) I think I'll stick to committing to a 5k! :)

You had your first trip to the farmer's market this month. All the little spanish ladies LOOOVE you! It's so cute -- and you enjoyed it - probably becaue it's outside and you love being in the sun! We have gone almost every week since and you have even had some homemade baby food with fruits from the market! (Side Note -- Homemade bananas are so easy -- but we found out quickly that we will have a very - shall we say - "stopped up" baby if you eat them for a few days in a row -- THAT won't be happening again!)

You found your feet this month -- and once you found them not a day goes by that you dont play with them -- especially before bath -- and appear to be "talking" to them! It adorable!

You promoted out of the baby class at church into the next room up on March 25 - I can't believe it! You seem to really enjoy your classes -- especially if they let you play in an exersaucer -- we thought about getting one for the house but decided that it might loose its ability to keep you occupied at church! :0)

You turned 5 months old on Easter Sunday -- you looked adorable in your outfit (save that for another post)-- and you seemed to know that your easter basket was full of goodies for you -- as soon as I sat you down beside it you pulled the bunny ears and stuffed lamb right out and put them in your mouth! You should be a pro by your birthday! :)

I am so very thankful I am getting to watch you grow! Your Daddy and I pray every night for you to stay healthy and that you keep learning! We are so thankful to be your parents and can't wait to see what this next month holds! You are the best thing that has ever happened to us! We are so in love with you - never forget that!


PS -- These pictures are getting more difficult to take because you would much rather play in your chair -- you even took a dive out of this chair head first -- good thing your mom was an awesome center fielder back in the day and caught you just in time! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pool Day!

Skylar's first time in the pool! She LOVES being outside -- but we weren't sure how she would feel about the cold water -- this girls likes her bath water SUPER warm -- she definitely suprised us -- she loved it!

Clearly, this girl needs a swim suit! :)

First Cereal!

So, I was not planning on starting Skylar on any solids until she was at least 6 months old -- even though the doctor told us anytime after 4 months we could -- BUT when my little darling began to wake up at 4am acting hungry everyday for a week - when she had been sleeping at least 12 hours every night -- I decided it might be time.

At first -- I definitely think more ended up on her than in her tummy -- and I'm not sure it even was enough to make a difference -- she was very unsure of the whole thing-- but seemed to love it after a few days!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Valentine's Day is for Lovies.

You may not look too thrilled - but your daddy loves you with all his heart -- and you are totally smitten too. You are SO excited when you see him that it makes me all weepy.

We love you, sweet girl.

Blowout Bonanza.

First of all, we have been SO blessed by family, friends and good couponing/stockpiling skills -- that we have not purchased diapers since before you were born.

However -- we HAVE learned that when the day comes that we do end up buying more of them -- there are several brands we will not choose to spend money one.

Some brands no matter how well you fasten them....they leave you WAITING for that explosive sound followed by the "moist" feeling through the back/side/leg of the outfit you are wearing. (I HATE the word "moist" -- seriously -- it grosses me out just to type it -- but it describes the feeling perfectly.) Thankfully -- we have used all of the "least successful crap catchers" and will hereafter never purchase them again.

But - since we would hate for these moments to go undocumented -- yes, we took pictures of just a few (and quite honestly -- some of these blowouts are just unbelievable). Yes, Syklar, they will be on your senior page in your yearbook. Your father was so proud that he was dry heaving and gagging - like a little girl - and taking pictures -- while I was left to fend for myself.

4 months!

Dear Sweet Skylar,

You are 4 months old! How can this be?? Last year this time -- we didn't even know about you yet - and now you are already a third of the way to your first birthday??? Where is time going? I wish it would slow down!

You are growing like a weed! At your 4 month appointment you were 12lbs. 8oz and 25 inches long! Tall and skinny - supermodel baby! I sure hope you enjoy it while it lasts, sister, cause it sure ain't in your genes to stay that way! :) You are so long - but its all torso -- little stumpy legs! So cute! I had to put some of your 3 months clothes away because they are too short -- especially shirts! You are able to wear some 6 months clothes -- but they are definitely not "fitting" yet! Still in size two diapers -- and actually getting a little bit better about not needing your diaper changed 13 times a day -- we actually had a day where we only went through 7 diapers! WOW! I also think you took 2 or 3 really long naps that day - but still - we are making progress! :)

You are getting over your "stranger danger" somewhat -- you are fine with people talking to you (not so much holding you) -- as long as mommy or daddy are near or holding you -- and as long as someone isn't really in your personal space! I'm sure you will grow out of this just in time for it to hit again around 9 or 10 months! :)

You had your first Valentine's Day -- and BOY was Daddy so glad to have you for his Valentine -- I couldn't get enough pictures of you guys that day -- he was so proud of his "sweet baby girl". Of course, you had a new dress and an adorable outfit -- none of which you will remember or care about -- but I can't help but want to dress you up for all of your "first" holidays!

You found your ears this month! At first I thought it might have been that they were bothering you -- but instead I think you just like feeling yourself pull on them! Its kinda funny - If we could just get you to stick your tounge out while you pull them you would make your first official "funny face".

You are rolling from your tummy to your back -- even though it still kind of scares you when you do it! We keep reassuring you that its good to use your muscles -- I'm not sure you are really doing it on purpose yet! Speaking of muscles, you sure are a strong girl -- you are peeking OVER your crib bumpers when you push up on your hands to greet us in the morning! Its SO. STINKING. CUTE. Every morning I can't wait to wake you up and see your grin. You seem to grow in your sleep because every morning you seem bigger and more grown to me! Please slow down! :)

On March 4th - you were dedicated at church. I was so nervous because they dedicate on Sunday nights - and it was right on the brink of our bath/bedtime routine and I was afraid you might have a meltdown in front of God and everyone (no really, in church)....but instead you were an angel child. I am so thankful for a church that is so supportive of parents - and has such a passion for babies like you, Skylar. Your daddy and I pray every day that we can be good examples for you, and that you will ask Jesus into your heart at an early age. You have been given such a gift by having a church family that prays for babies and their parents -- and who ministers to preschoolers the way that our church does -- I hope you always remember that.

You laughed out loud for the first time on March 5th. I died. No seriously. You melted a little part of my soul. If I could bottle that sound and sell it -- people all over the world would literally be able to buy happiness. I am so so so thankful to have been able to hear my own baby's laugh. It has truly been one of my most favorite moments of being your mom.

You are growing so fast - I am doing my very best to take it all in and enjoy every single second! I don't want to miss a thing. This month it really hit me how very very thankful I am for your daddy, and how hard he works so that I can stay home and make memories with you everyday. How fortunant I am to be able to be your mom -- and how blessed I am to get to watch every moment of your growing. We are truly blessed to be your parents, Skylar. I hope that you can feel how much we love you -- and I can't wait to see what this next month holds!