Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Month

Dear Skylar,

You are one month old! I cannot believe it! Just 30 days ago I held you for the very first time! I could have not imagined how fast this past month would fly by! You have brought more joy to me than I ever dreamed - I am so very thankful that God gave you to us! Everyone keeps asking me if having a baby is what I thought it would be - the only thing I can do is look at you and say - no way! It is so much better than I ever dreamed!

You look so much like your daddy - I put bows on you everyday so you look a little more like me! :) Your baby pictures are the exact same as his, only yours have bows and pink!

You are sleeping well at night, you get up every 4 to 5 hours to eat and go right back to sleep. It seems like you sleep most of the day - but when you are awake you love to be talked to. We read books at least once a day and you are always so quiet and focused!

You LOVE your daddy - you calm for him almost instantly - even when no one else seems to be able to soothe you. I always knew you would be a daddy's girl - you have been responding to his voice since you were in my tummy. I cannot wait to see how much you two continue to bond as you grow. He loves you so much - I have never seen him so proud as when he looks at you!

You HATE having a wet diaper - so much so that you won't even pee and poop in the same diaper! You will wimper until we change you and then poop in the clean on right away - what a stinker! :)

The only time you are fussy is when you are hungry, tired or wet - you are a very happy baby - there is nothing that a little cuddle time can't fix!

You love being on your tummy. We only swaddled you for the first week or so you were home - you hated having your arms in the swaddle and would somehow always get them out! You slept so much better as soon as we let you be on your tummy or side - maybe that is the one thing you got from me!

You are just now beginning to fill out your 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. Some newborn things still fit - but are getting to be too short. I have had to put three of your outfits away because they don't fit - I can't believe how much you have changed already! You were 8lbs 8oz on your one month birthday! Already 2 lbs. 1 oz heavier than when you were born - I am so thankful you are healthy!

You have had visitors almost every day for the past month! One popular little lady! We are finally getting into the groove of being home and daddy's new schedule (he changed back to night shift two weeks after you were born). I know this next month will hold so many exciting new milestones - I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn - but can you please grow a little slower? I want to keep you little!

Your daddy and I pray over you every night - and are still in awe that we have been chosen to be your parents. We hope that you know just how much we love you - but always know that Jesus loves you even more. We are praying that you grow big and strong and love Jesus with all your heart.

Happy One Month, Sweet Girl.

Love, Mommy

First Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we have hearts that are overflowing with thankfulness for our sweet little blessing! I never imagined loving someone so much - and so instantly! We were able to spend time with both sides of our family and Skylar was loved on all day!

I cannot go one day without feeling more and more thankful for this baby with every passing second! My heart is so full!