Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak Peak is a quick look at the floors we are putting in...
I got this message from Nate today....(this pic is of the nursery -- which is SO weird to say - yet for some reason I can't say it without smiling:) )

"Here they are! All put in and vacuumed. Ready to be drooled on!"

I am so thankful for such a hardworking hubster! We never felt like our house was that terribly big..until we were ripping out carpet, tearing up carpet nails, vaccuming up things you never imagined would be UNDER that carpet and covering every square inch in new floors.... I mean seriously - the stamina he has (really, please, let's not go there - although Nate would love a pat on the back, I am sure) - to lay these floors all week long! no-thanka-you!

But he did it! Why? Because I really wanted them. I mean REALLY wanted them. And because - when mama's happy.....he gets to go fishing. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spilling the "Bean"

Bwah ha. I know -- my title is so clever.

I guess I am probably the only one that thinks I am hilarious.

But now it has "officially" been announced (I mean - nothing in our generation is official until it hits facebook....) - We are having a Bean.

A Beautiful Bean. Who is the size of a lime this week. Does that make Bean and Lime-a-Bean? :) Hardee Har Har.

Monday, May 16, 2011

First Trip to Babys"R"Us

Well -- We finally broke down this past weekend -- We went to Babys"R"Us. We said - we were not going to buy anything, or even GO to a baby store until after the first trimester, and until the Dr. told us at our "end of trimester" appointment that everything was good. I had told Nate that I feel like I have been slightly paranoid that something bad is going to happen -- I mean we wanted to wait to tell everyone til we are in the "safe zone" (although I don't feel there is EVERY a truly 100% safe zone)...and since so many people around us have lost their little ones lately. It breaks my heart. But last week, as I was driving home from work...and worrying because it was the first day in the past three months that I haven't been sick, or so tired I couldn't keep my head up, and I didn't feel funny around 3pm....I was sure that something must be wrong...and I started praying...and it was as if God just laughed at me....

(yes, I am sure I felt him chuckle in the car) and then it was clear as day he said to me..Honey, do you think you have to be sick for 9 months to have a healthy baby? Do you not trust that I have this under control? Were you not trusting your doctors to give you a "correct" diagnosis....and not trusting ME control your body and timing to become a mother?...Do you think that if the doctors tell you - a child isn't possible without medical intervention and pills and shots -- yet I can bless you with one not even one full year later -- do you not think if I can do all of that...I can take your sick feelings away?

And just like that the worry went away -- and I know that no matter what matter if "something bad" happens - no matter if this baby comes into the world healthy as a horse -- My God is in CONTROL. He is the Great Physician and he has blessed me with 3 months of baby love. :) I could not be more greatful.

So...that brings me to our first trip to BabysRUs --

First things first -- Nate was more excited that I ever thought humanly possible...about utilizing the "expectant mother" parking...yes. Nate. The one who will drive around for 13 minutes in the parking lot because he doesn't like any of the available spots...all the while I am thumping him in the arm saying JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!! He zoomed in the lot, zoomed into the parking spot and said..."This is awesome!!...reserved parking...thanks for being pregnant." Oh.Boy.

Then we proceeded to walk in...and then stop. And then took two steps further in...stop. Look at each other and I say...."oh boy." to which Nate says "where do we start?" ha! We spent 45 minutes in the car seat section...simply trying to figure out how to lock and remove a car seat from the base portion that stays in the car. Needless to say, after 45 minutes of frusteration..Nate figured it out (I refused to try after three failed attempts) and moved on to the stroller section....

..Here we realized you can buy a stroller/car seat combo...but then you have to figure out how to not only get the carseat in the base part of the car...but then attach it to the stroller as well!?!? What the devil!?? Nate was very impressed that you could press a button and fold the entire stroller up and then simply jerk your arm fast enough one time and unfold the stroller...He repeated this process several times...until he achieved actually throwing the stroller upside down onto the floor....We decided it was time to move on to a different department after that...

We browsed cribs, got ideas for bedding...and what is necessary in the room and what seems like a waste....and then we found my favorite section...the "snuggle" section -- I could NOT leave without buying a stuffed animal....And when I stared into the eyes of this perfect little moo cow...(who also came with a blanket)...I picked him up...and held him...and fell in love with him...I promise I believe stuffed animals have souls. This would probably be why I took my favorite two to college with me...and the rest I can ASSURE you my mother has stashed somewhere in the attic...RIGHT MOM?? Surely NO ONE in my home would give those things away, much less throw them in the gar....I can't even type it....The horror.

We left with Mr. Moo Cow and a cute bib with a Whale on it. But not before being busted in BabysRUs by someone we knew....and having to spill the beans...Clearly neither of us are quick enough on our feet to say "oh, we are getting a gift for a shower"....or "just picking up something for a fried" quite possibly is because we have been dying to just let the secret out for 8 weeks now. That's two months of being Secrative Sally -- something that is not my strong suit when it comes to exciting news and surprises!

Anyway, I am including a few pictures of our First trip (of course included is the parking sign)...I don't ever want Nate to forget his first time parking with an expectant mom...:)

"Thanks for Being Pregnant"

What a Natural.

Mr. Moo Cow and Bean's First Bib

Monday, May 9, 2011

Next Project (Summer Project)

Putting in NEW FLOORS!!

These bad boys will be replacing EVERYTHING! Our carpet and BEAUTIFUL grey/blue tile! :) bwah hahah! :)

Can't wait!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Telling the Parents.

I always wondered how this would go. I mean how do you tell your parents you are about to give them a new title? You are about to be a grandma/pa. Do you say it casually in passing, kinda like a joke - and wait to see if they get it? Or do you show up with a basket full of baby toys and tell them in a few months they will be playing with toys like this all over again?

I have been about to EXPLODE now - everytime I see my family - for oh...about......6 weeks and 3 days?? I just want my sisters to know! I want to be able to call my mom(s) and dad(s) after the next appointment and say - Guess what happened today!

And just for ONE minute - please bear with me while I get on my soap box - one minute --

I want EVERYBODY who keeps asking -when are you having a baby? - you aren't pregnant yet? Whats going on? When will you have a baby? blablabla - I want all those people to just KNOW already!
And for those of them who DIDN'T know that we had been told we may not have our own kids -- I just want to say to them....(in a sweet and loving way of course) know, everytime you asked me over the past two years - when am I going to have a baby - it kinda hurt my feelings. It made me feel like I was broken or something. But NOW - I AM gonna have a little Bean - and it's a dog-gone miracle. A miracle! And Yes, I while I am so happy - and YOU are so happy - Please don't ask other girls when they are planning a family!!! Sheesh! Sometimes you just don't know whats going on!! Now, don't get me wrong, I know that most people - probably all people - who ask questions like this don't mean it come across that way - but for someone who goes and sits at the doctors office and just cries, and can't get any answers about - what's going on, or what's wrong with me -- those harmless little questions can really sting. alot.. Anyway -- food for thought. END RANT. :)

So - how are we going to tell them?

Mother's Day Weekend. Nate's mom and sister will be down from Virginia - so like we normally do on Mother's Day - we will have everyone over for dinner on Friday night - to celebrate Mother's Day. We have put together a slideshow - of all of us "kids" as babies and including pictures of our moms as babies -- and at the end - we told them thank you for everything, (mushy gushy) and such -- have a slide at the end that has a sonogram picute on it...and says "Thank you for giving us all the support we need as we welcome a new life into ours -- Our First Bean is due November 27."

We also made cards with everyone's "new title" on the front (Gigi, Great Grandma Berry, Aunt Colette etc.) and the inside says "I can't wait to meet you! Love, Bean" - with a sonogram pic -- I will have to post pictures of all this later! :)

Anyway -- these are my random thoughts today --

How do you tell someone they are getting a new title?! I mean - I like to think of this as a promotion! :) You have been promoted - from Dad to Grandpa. What do you think? :)