Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pray Pray Pray Repeat....

Mongie sent a map to our house and the kids have enjoyed it so much. Today I was in the other room and heard Wyatt say "Thkylar, can you thow (show) me where my other thithter (sister) is?" A quick peek around the corner found this - and I stood and listened to a conversation that included "when mom and dad fly to go get her - it's going to take a long time to get from here to here.....we should keep praying for her and the people who are taking care of her everyday....are you excited to see her?...and hopefully she comes home really soon..."

I have to admit - this part isn't easy...and maybe I was naive to think the waiting part would go by faster than it is. I also some days feel guilty for including Sky and Wyatt in the beginning stages of the process - I know the wait seems even longer for them. Should we have just waited until we knew her and were traveling and then told them? Some days I avoid all adoption conversations because the question that is on repeat is "when" and "how much longer" and saying "I really don't know..." only feels productive so many times... Today I struggled a little with the sadness in the waiting process. As I prayed for our baby - and for Skylar and Wyatt - for protection over their hearts and minds in this whole process - I felt God gently speak to me that he can use this to teach them to pray earnestly and wait patiently if I will just be faithful to do the same and walk through this with them - so for day at a time...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thank You

I know I said I would be posting more - but I am doing my best to enjoy the summer with Skylar and Wyatt - and to pass each day during The Big Wait with some sort of fun memory.  Maybe I will share more soon - but I wanted to post this update so that one day, when we are going back over this blog for memory sake - it is here.

Tonight I was able to send this Thank You -- and it can serve as an update for now:

Dear Show Hope Donors,

Tonight, I (we) want to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of our hearts - for helping us bring our girl home.  The process so far has been a roller coaster of emotions.  In all fairness - we were warned!  During the first paperwork/homestudy portion we would get so excited for mail from various agencies we had requested information from - and our "progress" was measured by just how many boxes we could check off each week of things we had completed.  Eventually that part of the paperwork ended and we began The Big Wait.  And while, all things considered, we haven't been waiting all that terribly long - each week that goes by is too long for a momma and daddy that feel so "ready" to meet this little person we have been praying for for so long. Every night our kids pray for their sister, and her caretakers - and our oldest, Skylar (5) always adds "please bring our China Baby home really soon."  Even they feel The Big Wait. 
On Monday night we found out that Tuesday would be a match day for our agency, but we were also warned that with all of the new laws in China that the chances of a match are low.  Still, Tuesday morning came, and despite having complete peace about this probably not being our month for a match - I turned my phone up loud and a tiny bit of my heart thought "maybe it will be today - God is bigger than the laws - and maybe today we 'meet' our baby."  The morning came and went, and by mid-afternoon I was certain another month had gone by – and I still didn't have a face to put with my prayers.  By late afternoon I could feel the disappointment and Skylar (who knew it was a match day) asked "did we find out today, Mom!?"  You can imagine how explaining that feels. 
Then we checked the mail and an envelope with Show Hope as the return address came out of the box.  As I read your letter stating that our family has been graciously given a grant to help fund a portion of our adoption - it was almost an audible whisper in my ear "I haven't forgotten you.  I haven't forgotten your family.  I haven't forgotten your girl.  I am simply working out all the details.  Wait for me.  It will be worth it."  So, to you, sweet donors, THANK YOU.  Thank you for being a whisper of reassurance that we are supported.  Thank you for being generous and having a heart for the orphan.  Thank you for making it easier for families like ours, who have a heart for adoption and are trusting God to work out all the details.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the hands and feet of Jesus.  We cannot wait to update you once our girl is home. 

With Love and Thankful Hearts,  

The Cass Family