Friday, July 13, 2018


Today Cate and I took the jogging stroller out for a little spin - something I have missed doing! Since the big kids were at VBS - we went and parked and I decided to take the scenic route to see how she did.  She seemed to really enjoy it - although, truthfully she didn't sleep well so she might have been too tired to fight it.  We tried the park afterwards - but she had zero interest in the swing - and I didn't realize how little core strength she has until I put her in it and she immediately slumped forward.  I pushed her a couple times - but she kept saying "up" reaching out for me and signing please.  It was just as well because it gave me time to shower before picking up Skylar and Wyatt - which is what she really wanted to do.  As soon as we got back in the car she pointed to the car seats and started babbling and saying "Wy-it" "Jie Jie".  I think it is really safe to say she loves her siblings. 

I finally got a good picture of Wyatt and Cate this morning - suprisingly when I looked back at the 10  or so that I snapped  - this was the first one.  Which makes sense because I told him - just look at me and smile for two seconds and then you can look at her.  HA!  That's exactly what happened.

Look at my cute little stair steps!  

Sweet girl has already learned what to do when she sees me hold up my phone in her direction "cheeeeeeessee".

Bedtime tonight was exhausting.  We actually tried giving her warm milk to calm her before bed - which I think she really enjoyed - and just as she was about to get to sleep - our bedroom door barged open - Wyatt was "coming to check on Cate" -- which completely messed her up.  (Lucky he is cute and really was upset he upset her.)  She cried and cried (and cried and cried) after that.  To say I was frustrated would probably be an understatement.  I am really struggling in the area of knowing whether I am being worked over (which my gut tells me I am - because she wants to sleep on top of me) or whether she really just needs extra patience at bedtime right now. We haven't been home very long at all and this is all so very very new - to all of us! Thankfully, Nate relieved me after a while - and she let him pick her up and hug her but immediately wanted to be put right back down in the bed beside ours and went right to sleep. (See, I think she has my number.)  Maybe next time Nate will do bedtime. 

This will be our first weekend (where we aren't completely sleep walking) as a family of five!  So excited!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Cate finally tried one of the muffins she made on Monday.  I tried to get her to eat one yesterday - but she refused and only wanted her egg.  Of course, with the encouragement of Skylar and Wyatt she was more than happy to try one. I think her smile says it all.  Delish!

Pre-VBS Photoshoot made me realize how difficult it is to get "good" smile and three kids looking in the same general direction in the same picture.  Also, I might never get a good picture of Cate and Wyatt smiling because he is always "kithing her fathe".  

On the way to VBS this morning he said "Isn't it so cool that we get to keep Cate forever?"  Yes, yes it really is.

Skylar:  "Mom! Look how sweet we all are back here holding hands - take our picture!"

I'm going to enjoy this before the new wears off and the sibling arguing starts going three ways.

We introduced Cate to Moes after VBS let out since Nate goes back to work tomorrow we figured one more family lunch was needed.  Cate ate half of a burrito bowl, chips and queso and most of oatmeal raisin cookie.  I'm so shocked at the amount she can put into her tiny body!

We saw the pediatrician this morning and she was very impressed with her language skills and general health.  We are so very thankful for a good report.  Lots of questions still exist - and may always exist, truthfully - based on what we don't know about her past.  There are several specialists we will be seeing over the next few weeks to try to get more information about her long-term health conditions and diagnosis.  We are so thankful for how well she is doing - and I really couldn't be more thankful that the Lord has given us such a peace about her medical "stuff" even before we knew her.  We will share once we have more definite answers - and as we feel necessary - but we are so thankful for the amount of love and support we have received this week alone.  I don't think I have been out of the house once that I haven't seen someone who has hugged my neck (only because they are attempting to hug Cate who I'm wearing - I'm sure! HA!) and said something encouraging to us.  We have been blown away by the amount of love this girl is receiving and we are so so SOOO thankful that we are able to share her story - and our families call to adopt with whoever is willing to listen.