Saturday, July 19, 2008

TSA - Stipped Down

Oh boy! Well - we made it to VA last night -but not without a story. :) You know Nate and I can never go anywhere without wanting to get noticed - even if it means trying to smuggle a knife in to the airport.

None the less - here is the mini-version of a super traumatizing event.
First of all - you should know that my one fear at the airport - is that I will have something in my bag that warrants a strip search. So - every time I must proceed through the metal detectors and slide my bag down that conveyor belt- I start to sweat and breath a little faster than normal.

However, I made it though safely this time , repacked all my electronics and sat on the bench to wait for Nate. No sooner do I turn around - and there is the TSA holding Nate's backpack saying "sir, is this your bag - we need to look inside". This is where the freak out begins ..... all I can see in my head is the police, taking Nate into some back room, strip searching him, and then hauling him away in handcuffs...all the while I am crying hysterically "NNNNNOOOO please!!! don't take HIIIIIM!!!!!" - and wondering how in the world I will ask my dad to help me post bail on my terrorist boyfriend. :)

Thank goodness, Nate's response "Oh - that's where that knife was - I was looking for it" seemed to be nonchalant enough to get him out of trouble. So, after a solid five minute freak out on my part - we proceeded to our gate for takeoff - leaving the knife in the hands of the TSA.

Kudos to Nate - way to check your bags dude.

ANYWAY, we have made a "webshot" page were we will be uploading all the photos from the week as they happen ....okay...maybe a few hours of delay - but none the less.

Our member name is CarrieandNate

When you go to there is a option in the title bar to search. Type in our member name and then click the drop down menu and do a member search and click on our name.

Hopefully we will give you guys the "EUROPE" experience without all the smells!!! ;)

Love you all!!!

-Carrie and Nate

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