Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nerves Nerves Nerves

So...I may be over the hump....but the nerves finally hit this morning.

I feel like I swallowed a large mouth bass and it is flopping around like a fish out of water...or maybe its just a fish in stomach acid....either way...its really not making it easy to keep that Kashi breakfast down.

I'm not even really sure what there is to be nervous about, other than the fact i hate goodbyes- and that is all the next two days will consist of......or maybe its the fact that i havent slept in over a week....OR it could be that I am constantly thinking that this moving experience could be as horrible as the last if I just forget to do ONE thing....and I can't think of that ONE thing.... Or maybe its just excitement....yeah - let's hope so....only I've never been this "excited" over anything in my life.

Oh well, either way...the fish is still there....and I'm still moving home. I just wish it would hurry....cause fish is never any better the second time around. :)


candace michelle said...

hey they are probibly happy nerves so just relax!!!
Luv Ya!!!

Susan Harper said...

You never did like fish. I offered to help with the packing and you said that you had it all under control this time, so I am sure that it will be fine.