Monday, July 21, 2008

Day Two!!

Well - I am going to try to get this all finished in under twenty minutes - which will leave me twenty minutes for tomorrow... (we ended up finding a video store that let us buy an hour for £1 - about 2$)

So here goes - first of all I am writing this on a full stomach - which feels AMAZING! :) We found a resteraunt on the corner of the street we are staying on that has FREE REFILLS!!!! So - after an AMAZING chicken pita ( grilled lime and herb chicken, grilled pineapple, and melted white cheddar cheese) - some chips (fries) and some super wierd but delicious coleslaw - and about 8 glasses of diet coke (so yes mom I am back to normal) - I am happy...and ready for bed! :)

Anyway here is how today went - we had our wake up call at 7am and headed down for breakfast at 8....for breakfast there is a complimentary buffet which includes two types of wierd cereal ( some corn flake things, and a raisin oat cereal that looks like uncooked oatmeal) - strawberry or plain yogurt, fruit cocktail, hard boiled eggs, ham sliced like lunch meet and slices of some type of cheese - toast - hot tea or coffee..... I had some ham and cheese, fruit and hot was delish!

We headed off to spend the day on the double decker red buses....we had all day passes that allowed us to get on and off of four different routes that went all around London. SO fun... took TONS of pictures - went over the London Bridge, visited Big Ben, the London Eye, The London Dungeon, Parliment, Westminister Abby ( from sound of music) Buckingham Palace (we actually exited the bus and were able to watch the changing of the guard (well - what we could see over and through the hundreds of people who were already there waiting), and tons of statues and buildings with historical signifigance....

(Nate is sitting next to me and is fixing to post pictures - we will try to caption some of them) anyway - the jet lag seems to be hitting everyone but me - Nate fell asleep during the morning on the tour and amanda and papa Cass fell asleep after lunch. (by the way lunch was awesome as well, in fact I haven't had anything that I havent liked yet! Nate and I had two sandwhiches to split - a REAL panini - and a ciabatta - with fried chicken, tomatoes, basil, and mozerrella - kinda like chicken parmasean)

After lunch and a few more hours on the tour we decided we would try to head to find the tour spot that we have to be at at 7am tomorrow morning - just so we could know where to go...THIS is where the story twists....

Amandas ticket got lost sometime during her nap...which means we couldnt get back on the bus....but it didnt really matter because we didn't realize how late it had gotten and the bus that we needed had already stopped running - or maybe we weren't at the right spot ....none the less ....we decide to start walking ( sometime around 4) and about 2 hours later we were still several miles from "home" ...oh well - we were back in the shopping disctrict - which was somewhere we needed to go to see if we could find a couple of shirts with sleeves so that maybe I wouldnt freeze anymore....

i found one shirt for £3 at none other than GAP...and decided to purchase it....then onto H&M....I didnt find anything there...well I did...but I couldnt justify a £19.99 jacket...knowing it was almost $ I passed...(oh I forgot to mention Nate and Amanda and I were the only ones shopping at this point, everyone else had headed back to the hotel and was wiped out) ...we decided we were more interested in eating that spending money on clothes...we can just layer and hope that Paris in two days is a little warmer....

so...we head back to the hotel...and I ask Nate once we are about 30 minutes into our walk...where did you put my GAP bag?.....oh boy...he had sat it down in H&M to help me hang up a jacket and never picked it back up....oh well...I was WAY to tired and WAY to hungry to turn around and walk half an hour in the OTHER direction for a $6 shirt that MIGHT not even be there anymore.....Nate felt so bad but oh well... I love him :)

Anyway, I already told you about dinner, and Nate can't get the pictures to upload ...something about our thumb drive and their I apolagize for the tease that pictures should be posted will have to wait until the next country where hopefully we will not have to pay for internet and we will be able to get free WiFi...

So for now...we are off to bed ...we have a tour of a Cathederal, Stonehenge, and Bath for most of the day tomorrow and we head to Paris the following day...thank goodness the weather is predicted to be warmer here tomorrow....and in France it should be in the mid to upper 80s.....I will be much more comfortable hopefully :)

So..until then....Love you all!


Colette Marie said...

hey carrie i miss u lots
I luv you lost an lots
(get me a suvaneir)
no im not joking
luv u Colette

candace michelle said...

Hey i miss you and i am glad you are having fun and nate she will forgive you for the shirt thing!!! luv you guys lots have lots of fun!!