Friday, July 25, 2008

Day six in Europe - one in Germany - and two as a FIANCE! :)

okay - so that last part would be MUCH more hilarious if you could hear Nate and I say FIANCE with our super sweet french accents! :)

Anyway - we are in GERMANY!! - our train this morning was an hour delayed - so we didn't get to see the concentration camp when we got here....sad.

BUT - We have almost gotten this travel thing down to an art by now..the first couple times it was super stressful..but now - we just look for the tourism office - find the attendant with "I speak English" and ask how to get to the metro (underground railroad)....the systems over here are AMAZING - its so convenient!

Once we get a map and metro tickets we head towards the hotel...this time...the metro spits us out ON the steps of our hotel...AND ....we can use escalators and elevators instead of the 300 steps in the metro like in Paris....
My feet and knees are killing me like you cannot imagine - and my skin feels so dehydrated from not drinking enough water over here...its so wierd....I might actaully agree to a pedicure when I get back to the states...

Well- we got here and this is the nicest hotel we have stayed at so far...a "four star" according to German is smaller than in America...but just a comfortable and has ALL the comforts of home..with the exception of ice....which we have yet to find anywhere.

so...we missed the concentration camp - but are fixing to go get something to eat...and HOPEFULLY it will be really really yummy - I hear they are famous for their brautwarts (spelling?) - and walking down the street just smelled amazing!

anyway - we are heading out now and I will try to blog again tonight...oh yes..did I mention this hotel has free wireless EVERYWHERE in the hotel as well as a free computer lab? HOORAY!

alright - Im going to dinner ...catch you later....hope you enjoyed the pictures we posted! oh yes - and he DID ask my dad - I finally got the whole story how EVERYTHING happened out of him last night - ill update that again soon....also...since aparently everyone and their brother knew except me - thanks for keeping it a secret! I am still shocked..what does this mean?? I have to plan a wedding?!!? oh boy. well I better go get something greasy to eat followed by a german chocolate pastry...and enjoy it....before the wedding diet in the states starts. haha... :)
love you all!


Colette Marie said...

hey carrie i miss you lots have fun up there congrats

Jenna said...

well thats a good thing that he asked your daddy first! i mean i didnt think he wouldn't ask but i'm just saying! your daily blogs make my work day go by that much faster!