Friday, July 18, 2008

And We're Off!

So, I today at 4:38pm Nate and I will board a plane to fly to Virginia to meet up with his family - and at 4pm on Saturday we will start our journey to London!

I can hardly believe this day is already here - I thought it would take forever to "count down to lift off" - but time has FLOWN by! :) ha.

Anyway - the plan is to update this thing on a daily basis - since cell phone service will be minimal - and it will be alot easier to tell the story just once on here - and not to each individual person on the phone.

Please pray for safety as we travel for the next couple of weeks - I had been pumping myself up for the next couple of days of flight ( anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT the biggest fan) - but this morning I woke up extremely nervous and with a queasy stomach. Hopefully it will all go away before we actaully get on a plane - or at least maybe I will have a window seat...
then there is always the back-up plan....dramamine....but I'm really not that fun when I am halfway in a coma :)

Anyway - updates soon! Bon-Voyage!

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candace michelle said...

have fun on your trip i will be praying for you every day!! luv you guys!!!