Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hump Day

Welp, tomorrow I am over the hump!! Half way through my last week in Tally.
I can't believe it's flying by so fast!

This past weekend after a family reunion in Tampa(ish) :) - I realize how perfectly Nate fits into my little world. He never meets a stranger- and he does nothing but bring out the best in me. He encourages me - even when I am being strong-headed and stubborn. He lets me know when I am being rediculously obssesive over people and situations that I cannot change - and he teaches me how to find a ray of sunshine in a completely stormy situation. I love him. I cannot wait to be back home - so that I can bug him daily, of course. :)

My sisters are so excited for this weekend that you can't help but smile! I'm so glad I will be able to see them grow up - they are getting bigger (no pun intended, girls ) everytime I see them!! :)
I am so excited to watch them experience high school and all the awesome things that it entails! Girls nights will be much more frequent and I will NEVER be without a shopping date again! AWESOME!

Stephen is moving out soon too, we will be almost-neighbors. How exciting to watch him grow up and become an adult. I'm looking forward to the random calls asking "What's for dinner -and can I come over" - hopefully we will become closer and closer while we experience the big city all on our own! :)

Then there's my sweet parents and grandma/grandparents. Without complaining once, they have listened to me cry over school, roommate drama, and "stress" over the past two and half years - knowing that there is nothing they can do about any of it - and yet they are still excited about me coming home. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I am so thankful that I have a family that has always welcomed me with open arms - even though sometimes I am sure I have overstayed my welcome when I "moved out" yet still found a reason to come home every other weekend. I can only hope that when I move back I will make them proud during this next phase of life.

Anyway, most of all I am learning that no matter how happyyou are, there is always someone who wants to see you fall. But I refuse to let those people discourage me and get me down. I am happy right where I am. I am happy with whats in the near future for me. And I am happy with where I am going. I am content to be me and not what everyone else wants me to be. I am who I am - and I am confident that I am doing what is right for me right now. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it suckers! :) ...err wait...maybe thats a bad choice of words for some....muah hahaha!

That's all for now - Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Soap Box much???

candace michelle said...

you are right about the moving back thing i am so excited about that but not so excited about the three flights of stairs i am going to have to climb but i dont mind if i am doing it for you!!! :) Luv Ya!!

Susan Harper said...

Easy girl!! I can't wait for you to move back either. I hope I get to join those girl nights, I'll bring my own air mattress.

Love ya, Mom

Carrie*Nate said...

Candace - three flights of stairs will be nothing :) it will be carrying a box that weighs as much as you - marked "fragile if you drop me you die" UP the stairs :) and Mom, you might can attend a few of the girls nights....I might even let you leave the air mattress in the huge closet I have....ahhhhh.......Im starting to get that excited feeling now! :)

candace michelle said...

i really hope i dont drop the box now!!! thanks!!!