Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last Day in Heaven....DAY THREE as a FIANCEE :)

So I know how to spell fiancee/fiance...whatever...we are flippin getting married!!....

So...first of all...I am NOT looking forward to leaving this hotel in Germany tomorrow...*we will get to sleep in though- our train does not leave until 11 -HOoRAY!!!:)

Here we have AC the BEST shower EVER- beds that are so comfortable you dont even move at might be the fact that I was SOOO SOO SOO tired from the night before (I only slept for about 45 minutes the night after we got engaged) - but my legs and feet and knees were hurting so bad...nate massaged them last night and I have no idea when he left or if he even finished the massage...but I know I woke up in the exact same position that I remember being in when he started on my right foot :)

The next place we are staying in is a bed and breakfast in Venice...we are hoping it somewhat nice....but we have definitely been spoiled...did I mention that we have AC?!?!

The food here is the best of all countries so far too - and by FAR the cheapest....we have had bratwurst for dinner for the past two nights...they are over a foot long and on a toasted baguette...the breakfast at the hotel is AMAZING - I was so excited to see scrambled eggs and fruit and ham and cheese and bacon and pastries .... the other hotels had boiled eggs, hard bread and wierd cereal that you put pudding/plain yogurt on....Im telling you guys - it feels like heaven here! :)

Today we traveled to two castles and were able to tour each of them - I wore shorts and a t shirt with tennis shoes today and BOY am I thankful I decided on the tennis shoes...we went to the ALPS to see the castles and it was FREEZING! for the last castle we had to walk UPHILL for the over one mile in the RAIN - and then downhill again too in the RAIN - so the shorts and tee wasnt the best *especially since the tee was white...oops :( - but thank goodness for the tennis shoes!

anyway- we are having a card game tournament tonight so I have to go kick some butt right now :) hope all is well and I will write again soon! We love you all!!


PS - pray that the travel tomorrow goes smoothly and that the hotel is halfway decent.... :)

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