Friday, July 1, 2011

Tonight is the Night!


Boy or Girl?!?

We are both way to thrilled about being parents to really care which one - just a healthy baby is what we pray for!

I have had a "feeling" that it was a boy since the beginning...but I am not sure if it is because I know Nate would LOVE a boy, and has always wanted one -- or because of the crazy amount of "meat and potatoes" this baby has made me crave? SURELY it wouldn't be a little GIRL on the inside that is making me want to eat like a dude?

We had our appointment on Wednesday, and the Dr. said she was VERY positive of the gender...and when she wrote it in our card she licked, taped and stapled the entire card shut inside the envelope. So funny.

When I delivered the card to the bakery - the sweet girl who was helping me just peeked in, grinned and said - you are gonna be so excited! Then gave the card back to me. ha!

Every night until last night I have dreamed about a little boy! A sailboat room, and a sweet little boy running around the house with trucks and baseballs! Then LAST night I dreamed that we opened the card and it said PINK!! on the inside! So maybe it IS a girl??

Ha! Either way, we will know in a bit!

At the appointment this week - she said WOW! Great fetal movement! ha! (It might have been the fact that even mama was "all jacked up on Mountain Dew!?") I had half a mountain dew about an hour before the appointment and BOY that baby was bouncy! It made it hard to get a good face shot - but here are two of the pictures we were able to get! We have a cute little thumb sucker!

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