Thursday, June 23, 2011


Vacation. Was. Awesome.

It was beautiful. However, we got home, and realized we took pictures of the resort where we stayed, but none of us, and this one is off my phone - not even the camera....

I did notice I got REALLY hot/overheated REALLY fast. Usually, I am a 7-8 hour a day in the sun on vacation - remind me to roll over every half hour or so - and throw me a cracker and I am good to go - this year, we only stayed out for a MAX of 4 hours everyday -- however it was WONDERFUL to just BE together - and enjoy the sunshine. We ate at several FABULOUS restaurants, shopped alot (thankfully we don't know if we are having a boy or girl yet or we would have come back with a negative balance in our account I am sure of it - especially at the outlet mall we found) and went to see a movie one night.

We celebrated my birthday, and as usual, Nate spoiled me with a fablous gift - iPad 2 - I have never been much of a "techy" - but I must say - this thing is the JAM! I love it! It is AWESOME! I love it! It is FABULOUS! I love it! Did I mention it's the JAM? While I am sure Nate will tell you, he had probably logged more hours on it than I have (he swears it really is mine) - I have really enjoyed having a "toy!" That boy is too good to me. I kinda like him a little bit. :)

Anyway, we are back to the real world and thinking that in 2 weeks we will be half-way home so to speak and having a baby sooner than we can imagine....kinda wierd! I think a few more weekends out of town are in the works for a little more "us" time before Bean arrives. Beka, wanna dog sit...again? :)

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