Tuesday, July 26, 2011

22 Week Skylar Update!

Everything looked "perfect" according to the Dr. yesterday at our checkup. I am still unsure how she can tell anything by just feeling my bump and listening to the hearbeat - I mean - shouldn't she do a sonogram- just so we can see that sweet little face?!

Skylar's hearbeat was a strong 146 - and I think hearing it over and over again I would never get tired of it! It is music to my ears!

She has been moving around like a CHAMP (in her daddy's words) these past two weeks - visibly moving from the outside! Nate "plays with her" every night with a flashlight. It is absolutely hilarious. He will place a flashlight on the side of my tummy where she is kicking most - and then she will push at the flashlight and move to the other side....he will repeat the process until he gets bored - which surprisingly has taken more than 2 minutes since he discovered he CAN feel her - AND see her! :)

The first few weeks I felt her move were so wierd and almost kind of creepy - now it is something I never get tired of! Between 10:30am-1 pm, from 5-7pmish and again from 10pm until I go to sleep she is SUPER active! hopefully this will work in our favor since we have schedule the 3D/4D Ultrasound for 11 am on Sept 10! Bring on the wiggles, Bean!

Speaking of sleep - I am was a belly sleeper -- until about 3 days ago I could get away with it - now as soon as I get super comfortable completely FLAT on my belly, she starts kicking up a storm! I guess trying to remind me that she is in there, and doesn't appreciate me squishing her! :)

I am starting to get excited to meet here! Her closet has several things hanging in it already! Just a few things Nate and I picked up here and there, something from my sister and Grams - and she got her first package in the mail last week with a super cute hat and "shoes" from my sweet friend Lauren who moved to California!

We haven't even started on the nursery at all, other than cleaning out the closets and adding an organizer....I feel like maybe the longer I put things off, the easier the decisions will be to make if I have no time to second guess myself? We have purchased a little wee-person chair for her, not sure yet if it will end up in the nursery or the living room - but it's just so stinkin' cute! Maybe a perfect place to take her monthly pictures during the first year??

Did I mention that I got my first Zullily purchase in the mail yesterday? It might have been better if I never got started! I have only ordered two things, the ladybug outfit pictured below, and her Christmas outfit (which isn't here yet) but has a cute "S" on it! :) I am pretty sure I am done shopping for now though - except the nursery! Promise - cross my heart! ha!

I just feel so blessed!! With every day that goes by - we are closer to meeting our sweet Skylar. Hurry up November!

Wee-person furniture is so stinkin' cute!
Can't wait to watch this fill up!
Thank you Lauren!! Love this!!
Ladybug pockets! I die!

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Erica said...

You got to sleep on your stomach this long! I am so jealous. Sleep has been such an uncomfortable battle.

Your 3d/4d sonogram is coming up fast! I hope you get some great images.