Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Belly Pics

I always thought pregnant bellies were so beautiful.....they are this awesome testimony about how totally and complete awesome our God is - and that he can create life within a life - they also have always symbolized being strong to me - I mean I was sure (and am completely sure now) that being pregnant is not easy - and it can't always be enjoyable to share your very personal space with someone! :) But it has been so awesome to feel this sweet little baby move inside of me! I can't describe it! It's just that - it's awesome! And now that I am looking back on these pictures I realize a couple of things...

First off-I AM growing! Despite popular belief. There is a BIG difference - and I know it will only get bigger!

Also, I am completely upset with myself for not enjoying my flatter tummy (dare I say - slightly skinny tummy) to its full potential. Yes, I should have worn those forbidden belly shirts my mom always got onto me for, and I should have run down San Jose in just a sports bra.

I feel my flat tummy days are over - but I will be posting the 7 week picture in front of a treadmill post-baby...and possibly on the refridgerator..and in the pantry next to the brownie mix.....

Anyway - so here they are, pardon the weeks with no shirt down, clearly didn't think about that either - surely Skylar will one day be grossed out by these :)

7 weeks.
9 weeks.
11 weeks.
13 weeks.
15 weeks.
17 weeks.
19 weeks.
21 weeks.

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