Monday, August 8, 2011

The Logistical Nightmare.

....that is the pregnant belly...

*Note* This is NOT BY ANY MEANS a complaint about the sweet baby in my belly, nor is it a complaint about the belly itself. It is simply an attempt at humor regarding all the things you never ever think of until the baby bump is your own.

You know those super cute preggo ladies in magazine pictures and on TV? Ever wonder if they sit in the floor of their closet with half of their clothes on the floor instead of hangers - and just stare at the remaining clothes and wonder "what in the world will I try on NEXT - and will I really have an emotional breakdown and be admitted into the nearest padded cell because I can't get dressed??". I don't wonder - because I am CERTAIN that 99% of those ladies that are modeling "9 month preggo" clothes are not really pregnant - A) because all of their noses and cheeks show no signs of being swollen and B) they still have little butts. Maybe B only applies to me - but Skylar is currently being housed there. I am positive.

Anyway, even when friends of mine or family would be pregnant - they always looked so CUTE and PUT TOGETHER at church and work - I had NO IDEA what in the WORLD kind of effort went into to dressing that sweet bump!

So enter Sunday Mornings at the Cass house. For the past two weeks, I have missed my belly band... OR so I thought. (sidenote - I left it at my grandmas house after wearing it for the first time and changing there). I have been wearing dresses every day since or maybe the same black-fold-top skirt a minimum of three times per week. This, obviously, means no pants - except the ones I know still fit (bellow the bump) which is basically just shorts on the weekends or gym clothes in the mornings for our walks and gym visits. None the less - I thought SURELY this belly band has to be quite possibly the greatest invention EVER in the history of stress relievers for pregnant ladies. right? ehh. not so much.

You have to SERIOUSLY THINK about the outfit that goes with it. You don't just PUT ON your normal pants, smack that thing on over top of your 4 inch gaping open - unzipped fly, and then grab the nearest shirt. Oh no, not. at. all. You must think - A. Is this shirt too tight? Because if so you will STILL be able to tell that there are 4 inches between my button and the button hole on these pants, and despite the fact that these pants aren't going anywhere - they might just get a mind of their own and start talking out of that gaping hole in the front. B. If A, then can I wear an undershirt? If I can, is shirt in exhibt A really thin? Because if so, and if you are in the position that I am in right now (the one where you bought maternity undershirts - yet they are not by anymeans "tight" they are just simply long enough to cover said belly band and give room to grow for the next 3ish months) - this same undershirt that you think is going to make this belly band ACTUALLY be a good thing, is going to wrinkle under the tight shirt you want to wear, and then you will have WRINKLES - PLUS still be able to tell your fly is open - and wrinkles usually lead to riding up -- which brings me to letter C - which is - EVEN if your pre-preggo tops are loose enough to wear - which most of mine are, they are not long enough to COVER this WONDERFUL belly band that is showing the 4 inch gap which is covered now by a belly band, a too loose undershirt, and now a flowy top that doesn't cling to the gap in your pants, but it shows it anyway - because it's not long enough.

Sheeewwwhhheee.. Are you tired yet? Because I sure was. Which is why I resorted back the stretchy skirt. The black one that I ended up wearing 5 times last week. Don't judge. I wore it with different tops. shhesh. Give a lady a break.

On another note - Skylar-bug's Christmas outfit came in the mail on Friday night - I sure hope it fits - because it's so digity-dang cute!

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Erica said...

Well, I quit wearing my belly band very early because it kept riding up since I have a "shelf" at the top of my butt. The belly band never just stayed there!!! So, I had friends that had maternity clothes and a bunch of them were pants and jeans. Maternity clothes are the best invention ever. I don't think I'll ever switch back.

I understand about the baby being housed in your butt, but I've heard that you can tell if you're having a girl on whether or not your butt grew. There is no doubt I'm housing a girl!

The outfit is very cute! She will look adorable in it.