Tuesday, August 23, 2011

27th Week Already??

So, apparently, I am almost to the third trimester. Please feel free to pinch me and wake me up from this dream that I am surely in - because this pregnancy has FLOWN by - FLOWN I tell you. I told Nate the other night (as I was laying on the bed watching my tummy bounce around and wondering what in the WORLD she was doing in there that could be so much fun) that it really does feel like just yesterday I threw that pregnancy test in the garbage - you know, the one that I was SURE would be negative - AGAIN - and then happened to glance down and see two little pink lines...and here we are - almost 7 months pregnant. I can't believe how blessed we are.

I also can't believe how much there is to do!?!

I had my glucose test yesterday (which deserves a post in itself - fingers crossed that I passed), and our regular doctor appointment (only one more left before I start going every TWO weeks - if THAT isn't a reality check I'm not sure what is!) Everything looks "perfect" according to the doctor. I am measuring exactly where I should be. Which feels to be one or two sizes smaller than a buick. :) The doctor was so sweet as she asked...so - are you getting ready for the baby....and that is when Nate and I looked at her and just started laughing...

....depends, doc, what does "ready" mean.... she said - do you have the nursery ready? (insert more laughter) does she have a place to sleep? (Insert a defensive "we bought a crib this weekend - but don't have a mattress!) ...that's a good start....does she have something to go home from the hospital in and something warm to wear at home?....(nervous laughter...) Have you toured the hospital and done a child birth class?....okay - This game wasn't so funny anymore. The more she asked - the more I realized - okay - we gotta buckle down. No more putting this off.

So, YES - we bought a crib this weekend - and I. LOVE. IT. (Shabby Chic to the max! I sure hope the ultrasound was right - and that she is a girl - otherwise this is gonna be one girlie-fied little boy! :) ha!)
I also finished (finally) the bookcase! I plan to order the bedding before the end of the week - and then the only major thing for the room we still need to get is some kind of chest that I can refinish and use for a changing table...I haven't found one that I absolutely love yet. This is our goal for the next two weekends - finish all major projects before FSU football steals my help for the entire day of Saturday. Must. buckle. down.

Today, I scheduled our child birth classes (which we will graduate from approximately 18 days before she is due - impeccable timing, I might add - sure hope the little lamb isn't too early!) - these include a tour - so we will knock that out too. I have also printed out calendars of the next three months and penciled in all the showers, classes, doctors, and hopefully a mini baby-moon. Therefore, I feel I can go to bed tonight, slightly more organized than I did last night. So take that, procrastination. Boo.ya.

Anyway, here are a few pictures - 27 weeks (and tired faced) - crib and bookcase.

**disclaimer - while in all my wildest dreams my house looks that grand - in my dreams it also has a wrap around porch and is located on the water with at least 5 acres - so no, that is not Skylar's nursery. drat. Just a picture of the crib.

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Michelle said...

You look so cute! :) Once you get out of the first tri, I thought time FLEW! Great crib choice, can't wait to see the bedding!