Thursday, August 11, 2011


For some reason just typing "Bump Watch" made me envision a group pregnant-bellied ladies in high-cut red swimsuits running down the beach with rippling muscled men chasing them....ha. I probably shouldn't type/say everything that comes to mind - My mom used to tell me this. Sometimes I find my thoughts hilarious - even when no one else does. Baywatch BumpWatch - it's all the same.

I cannot BELIEVE that in 15ish weeks we will get to see our girl's sweet little face!! I just can't wait!! Well, actually, considering the fact that I have done NOTHING to get ready - I can wait. Totally wait.

I really shouldn't say we haven't done ANYTHING -- we have registered at Babys-R-Us AND primed a bookcase. So there. she might have a bookcase when she gets here - and she can sleep in the bathtub. Kids don't need much - just love, right?

In the past 4 weeks - I feel I have become a balloon - and every night some little fairy person MUST sneak into my bedroom and add a little more air to that balloon. That or maybe it's the kid growing. ehh, details. But its awesome to see my belly growing - terrifyingly scary to think holy cow - did I get bigger overnight!?!?! - but totally awesome thinking that her little self is IN THERE!

These pictures are taken exactly a month apart. 1st one in beginning of the 21st week and the 2nd & 3rd at the end of the 25th. Crazy! (please excuse the sleepy look and messy head at 25 weeks - did I mention this whole growing a baby sucks the energy right out of you. Just be glad this was BEFORE work and not after - THAT is when it gets really ugly!)

I am starting to get really excited about the 4D ultrasound (we still have 3 or 4 weeks to wait for that one) see her little face! Is it 4D or 3D? That just dawned on me - I have no idea - either way - you know - the one where you can see her and all her smushed-up cuteness! I certainly hope that her body has caught up with her head - and that her sweet little noggin had just decided to grow a little earlier than the rest of her - at the last ultrasound the Dr. said her head was (and I quote) "HUGE".

Geez-oh-pete. Just what I wanted to hear - along with Nate snickering behind me as she said it. That brings me to a whole-lotta other questions and concerns.....
another post for another time. :)


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