Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Makin' a List - Checkin' It Twice!

So - two more things off the list today!

1. When I was leaving for work this morning - Nate was installing new smoke detectors. (Thankful he didn't have to go in early today - imagine that - even though it means closing tonight, it means one more thing off the list!)
Apparently, our house was too big to just have one smoke detector, and at that - we had never really tested it in the 2.5 years we have lived there. It's funny the things you think of when you have a baby on the way. :) He installed two new smoke detectors and moved the old one (which does work) to the laundry room/mud room. So now we have three. Which might be a little over kill. Better safe than sorry.

Smoke Detectors. Check.

2. Ordered the bedding today!! I found and fell in LOVE with bedding that was way over-priced and over-budget. boo. However, upon ordering swatches of the fabric it was made of, (bad idea) I knew I could not live without it. It was just so sweet - so soft - so perfect. Of course, Nate doesn't give a rip roarin' hoot what kind of money things cost - he lived by the phrase - "If you like it - get it!" Thank goodness one of us is cheap practical. However, I must say, I considered adopting the his motto, just this once. I mean, how many times am I going to have a first born baby girl?!? Bingo. Once. I could order the fabric - attempt to remember how to sew - be frusterated - and STILL not save that much money by the time I bought all the supplies....

Insert BFF Beka to the rescue...and her fabulous suggestion to check etsy. Boo ya. I was able to customize the set that I REALLY loved - into something I loved even MORE - and saved a ton of money. So now - sweet Skylar will have bedding that NO other little lamb has - and her mama's pocketbook is MUCH happier WITHOUT the new motto. :)

Bedding. Check.

Here are the swatches of fabric that will grace her sweet little bed.

Now it is about the details. Oh yes, and locating an old dresser that I will fall in love with that will be refinished to serve as a changing table/dresser. Back to Craigstlist I go.

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