Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Modest Bean?

My mother would be so proud of the Bean. It's modest. I am not. She always told me growing up, I had no "modesty" - I mean I wasn't a nudist by any means - but the girls in my house way outnumbered the boys growing up and we had no qualms changing and running around with just undies and or bathing suits, sharing a bathroom while doing various bathroom activities all together etc...

Anyway, we have this wonderful "sex party" (yes mom, I wrote it) - okay - so a "gender reveal" party - planned for next Friday when Nate's parents will be in town - and our appointment to find out the gender was Monday of this week...
only instead of showing us the goodies....Bean literally put his/her face in the camera the entire time and grinned - it was funny - yet GOODNESS is that baby stubborn! (like his mama, I guess) and the few times we got the Bean to turn he put his bottom only - legs firmly tucked and crossed - in the "camera"....therefore the child is either mooning (JUST like dad - and all of you that know Nate well enough know THAT is the durn truth!!) or being a mom -- which means I have a feeling either way we will have our hands full!

So -- We have another appointment next Wednesday - to try again -- we are going to have a party either way -- I feel like at this point it's probably better that we didn't find out this week (or should I say that they didn't give us an envelope with boy.girl written in it) because this way will be much less tempting to sneak a peak at the gender before the party!

Cross your fingers and uncross your legs that this Bean cooperates next week!!

First picture is a face shot (notice the grin) and the bottom is the baby at a really uncomfortable angle.

Also, this morning I woke up with an "official" bump - the doctor even told me on Monday that I was awfully flat still for 18 weeks and not even two days later I look down and see a hill of BEAN on my tummy.

Buckle Up. Here we go!

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