Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Sister #1 - Graduates!?

Is that possible?! I feel old. I can't imagine how old her parents must feel?! :) ha!

No seriously! I feel like I went away for college -- and she was just a wee little 12year old - in that perfectly 12-year old awkward - I'm still growing in to my body (and boy when I do is dad gonna be in trouble) stage.

Now she is a BEAUTIFUL, tall, young wom...err lady! I can't even call her a "woman" or I feel like we all age 27 years.

Here are some pictures from her graduation and party -- we had so much fun! I am so very proud of you, Candace! I know that God has HUGE plans for your life, and I pray that you stay strong in your convictions and ALWAYS care what HE thinks about you, over what other think of you. At the end of the day - what you do for HIM is what matters! Love you much, pretty girl!

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candace michelle said...

Aww this made me cry! I love you too! :)