Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak Peak is a quick look at the floors we are putting in...
I got this message from Nate today....(this pic is of the nursery -- which is SO weird to say - yet for some reason I can't say it without smiling:) )

"Here they are! All put in and vacuumed. Ready to be drooled on!"

I am so thankful for such a hardworking hubster! We never felt like our house was that terribly big..until we were ripping out carpet, tearing up carpet nails, vaccuming up things you never imagined would be UNDER that carpet and covering every square inch in new floors.... I mean seriously - the stamina he has (really, please, let's not go there - although Nate would love a pat on the back, I am sure) - to lay these floors all week long! no-thanka-you!

But he did it! Why? Because I really wanted them. I mean REALLY wanted them. And because - when mama's happy.....he gets to go fishing. :)

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candace michelle said...

Nice floors and you dont know ths but when he took that picture i was hiding under the desk haha so i wouldnt be in the shot :)haha