Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Great Wall and more...

Saturday 6/23 

Today we visited a factory where they hand make beautiful vases, ornaments, plates and ornate decorations by hand. They pound the copper with hammers to the desired shape, hand glue each piece of decoration on it - then they hand paint, bake it several times and then polish it to make it shiny.  The amount of time they spend making each piece was incredible! 

After the factory we headed to the Great Wall. This gave us time to see more of the country by bus. It’s just so beautiful here! 

We climbed the wall as far as they let us. It was incredible. Hot and exhausting - but incredible! We made it to the 10th “fortress” and couldn’t stop knowing we only had a few more! I’m so glad we went all the way up. I also attempted my headstand on the uneven super hard group for you - Sky and Wyatt - just to say I did. 

After the Great Wall we visited the Jade factory and saw how they make art with giant pieces of jade. It was really neat. 

We ate another delicious family meal at the Jade Factory. I’m going to be a chopstick pro by the end of this trip. 

Tomorrow we will head to the train station in the morning and head to Jiangsu! I still don’t feel like this is all real yet - (although my thighs are very aware of how real the Great Wall was today - so we are definitely IN China) - maybe tomorrow it will sink in when we are actually in her province.  ❤️

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