Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Finalization Day

Cate slept right in her crib beside the bed all night!  She stirred and little off and on - but overall it was a peaceful night - I think Nate actually woke up more than anyone to check on her. We had to wake her up for breakfast to be sure we made it to her finalization appointment on time. She had a sad moment at first but calmed right down and was a happy happy girl. 

At breakfast she ate as much watermelon as one child could eat in an hour. We met Lady Driver after breakfast and she drove us [almost killed us (again)] to our finalization appointment. We each had to sign several papers, place a red fingerprint over our signature, place her fingerprint on her official name paper, pay a couple of legal fees and made a donation to her orphanage and then she was officially Cate Lily-Mei Cass. 

 The ladies from her orphanage came back today to accept our donation. They each tried to get Cate to come to them and she refused - shaking her head no and hugging me. I even put her down at one point to see if she would at least interact with them - which she did - but only while being sure she was wrapped around my leg. This was so very encouraging to us as far as her realizing already that we are her people. 

She was so tired and hungry on our way home  that she almost fell asleep elbow deep in a box of puffs. Once we were at the hotel - we ordered room service for lunch. Both of us fell asleep - but only one of us wanted to be woken up for a cheeseburger. Ha! 

After her nap we walked to a nearby baby store and found some shoes that actually fit. Didn’t realize until after she made it clear she liked them that they were squeaker shoes. (Yay!) 

It was too hot to do much exploring - so we decided to try out the pool. Wrestling a swim cap over my hair was quite the scene - and the pool was freezing so Cate and Nate (ahhhh - love that) got some good quality play time until she started turning purple and started to shiver.  She is having a great time playing with Nate, but a hard time being held by him - which is so very very hard to see. She is trying her hardest to open her heart to both of us - and we know it will come in time - but for now we are just praying for her and loving her through this. 

She was so tired she fell asleep for a minute or two on the couch before dinner and didn’t really eat because she was so sleepy. After a bath and a quick FaceTime with Skylar and Wyatt it was bedtime. 

She kept taking my hand and walking me to the door and trying to open it - I really think she was wanting to leave. She cried and cried when I wouldn’t take her out the door. I put on my praise and worship playlist and just slowly danced and sang to her until she calmed down enough she would let me sit (girlfriend is every bit of that 30 pounds they said she was - and she is literally dead weight when being held). She snuggled up and tried to get to sleep but just couldn’t. She pointed to the crib - and when I laid her down she patted the big bed beside her through the bars - where I fell asleep with her at nap time. Once I laid down beside her she situated her blanket and stuffed cat and then reached through and found my hand. She held it until she fell asleep.

I just can’t stop praying for her little heart. How confused and sad it must feel. She is being so brave and is truly a joy-filled baby - even in the midst of something so terrifying she is doing her best to love. Please join me in praying that she gets rest tonight, and that tomorrow as we head to her orphanage and her finding place - to see where she has been for the last two years - that Nate and I can know just what she needs and just how to comfort her. Also please pray for Nate, I know he is dying for the same snuggles I am getting - and instead he is having to be okay with just playing with her and kisses every now and then.  There are lots of emotions tonight - and we are so very thankful for your prayers.♥️

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