Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bean. - Appointment #2.

We had our second appointment on Monday, April 18! I knew the plan going in....draw blood....ALOT of blood.... and can I just tell you how NOT excited I was about it!???

We scheduled this appointment at 3:30, hoping to avoid the wait, avoid a "low blood sugar in the morning" passout session...AND this would allow us to be able to go right home after.

I gave myself pep talks all day long... I will not pass out, I will not pass out, I will not pass out!!!..and drank a TON of water...(over 3 1/2 liters to be exact)....AND on the way to the appointment - a Sprite - hoping to get those sugars up!

We were in the waiting room for a lot less time than the first appointment! (thank heavens!) They took us to the back - very excited to see us...well, lets be honest...the girls were excited to see Nate again -- and to make jokes about the UPS man's baby.....anyway...
I lost 3 pounds...and my blood pressure was 104/60...pretty normal for me. I was really surprised about the weight loss though....For one, the "morning sickness" has not been to bad (insert cross fingers, knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder...whatever superstitious things you do here)...EXCEPT at night...or if I have been in the sun too much.... I HAVE found that going to the gym, or on a long walk keeps the sick-part away. But anyway...I was more surprised b/c ...ahheemm....close your ears little people....the *girls* are a little the point that Nate said..."Holy Cow! Babe! You finally fit in that bra I bought you for our anniversary!" haha! Nice, thank you for noticing! :)

Anyway, onto the blood drawing...I was a PRO. The same girl that took it last time (the time I passed out and had a baby shake attack)...yea she took it! But only AFTER setting up a fan in the room, coaching Nate on conversation starters to keep me talking...and finishing my Sprite...The whole time I kept telling myself....If I just get through this - I get to see the Bean!! And of course..Nate talking about buying me an Acura MDX and an IPad if I didn't pass out was slightly motivational too! :)
Although there was one point about 2/3 of the way through, I felt myself start to freak out a bit *almost* cried, and said...are you almost done?! She still had 3 vials to go! uggh!


We saw the Bean...and as soon as Bean was on the screen (yes,I rhyme all the time) took my breath away! Bean is a BIG Bean! Three times as big as last time!! Which is still really small...the size of a big gummy bear or a kidney bean...but with technology these days it is CRAZY what you can see! We were able to see Beans arm! a Leg! and "hand" which kinda looks like a flipper or webbed duck foot right now....and....of all things...we heard the heartbeat. I died. I cried. I laughed. I cried some more!

I was so surprised! I had read that usually not until 12 weeks would we be able to hear the heart...but when Nate asked Anita (the PA) is that flickering thing the heart?! And sure enough she it is...and we heard it...that coolest sound I have heard -- ever!!?

Well, Bean is perfect! Measuring just where Bean should....can you tell I'm avoiding writing HE or SHE or HE/SHE ...because I hate that?!?
Bean Bean Bean! I had told Nate I didn't think I would feel like it was real until I heard the heart...well folks, it's REAL! There is a Heart! :) Bean has a strong heart! Beating 164 bpm. CRAZY.

So, the countdown continues - still THREE WEEKENDS before we tell our families...and even a few more after that before we tell the rest of our world. :)

Either way - we are THRILLED! :)

NOW - if we can just get all the house projects done before Bean gets here. BIG cross your fingers there! :)


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