Thursday, May 5, 2011

Telling the Parents.

I always wondered how this would go. I mean how do you tell your parents you are about to give them a new title? You are about to be a grandma/pa. Do you say it casually in passing, kinda like a joke - and wait to see if they get it? Or do you show up with a basket full of baby toys and tell them in a few months they will be playing with toys like this all over again?

I have been about to EXPLODE now - everytime I see my family - for oh...about......6 weeks and 3 days?? I just want my sisters to know! I want to be able to call my mom(s) and dad(s) after the next appointment and say - Guess what happened today!

And just for ONE minute - please bear with me while I get on my soap box - one minute --

I want EVERYBODY who keeps asking -when are you having a baby? - you aren't pregnant yet? Whats going on? When will you have a baby? blablabla - I want all those people to just KNOW already!
And for those of them who DIDN'T know that we had been told we may not have our own kids -- I just want to say to them....(in a sweet and loving way of course) know, everytime you asked me over the past two years - when am I going to have a baby - it kinda hurt my feelings. It made me feel like I was broken or something. But NOW - I AM gonna have a little Bean - and it's a dog-gone miracle. A miracle! And Yes, I while I am so happy - and YOU are so happy - Please don't ask other girls when they are planning a family!!! Sheesh! Sometimes you just don't know whats going on!! Now, don't get me wrong, I know that most people - probably all people - who ask questions like this don't mean it come across that way - but for someone who goes and sits at the doctors office and just cries, and can't get any answers about - what's going on, or what's wrong with me -- those harmless little questions can really sting. alot.. Anyway -- food for thought. END RANT. :)

So - how are we going to tell them?

Mother's Day Weekend. Nate's mom and sister will be down from Virginia - so like we normally do on Mother's Day - we will have everyone over for dinner on Friday night - to celebrate Mother's Day. We have put together a slideshow - of all of us "kids" as babies and including pictures of our moms as babies -- and at the end - we told them thank you for everything, (mushy gushy) and such -- have a slide at the end that has a sonogram picute on it...and says "Thank you for giving us all the support we need as we welcome a new life into ours -- Our First Bean is due November 27."

We also made cards with everyone's "new title" on the front (Gigi, Great Grandma Berry, Aunt Colette etc.) and the inside says "I can't wait to meet you! Love, Bean" - with a sonogram pic -- I will have to post pictures of all this later! :)

Anyway -- these are my random thoughts today --

How do you tell someone they are getting a new title?! I mean - I like to think of this as a promotion! :) You have been promoted - from Dad to Grandpa. What do you think? :)

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