Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011

We saw our JellyBean today for the first time. Yes, it is real....it is SUPER real!
I have had a very hard time letting this sink in, whether or not it is because I siked myself out, was told...it might not happen...or maybe just because I was so OKAY with the fact that we would be a family that adopts... either way ... seing the "flicker" on the screen and taking that black and white fuzzy photo home for the first time...something make it seem real.

Of course, this morning, I took another test (that makes 8 at home) ...Nate and I were joking that this one was positive before I ever even took it, and that if objects could talk (which they totally do in my world) this test would have said..."Baby, if you didn't believe my 7 other friends you peed on, it's gonna be a LONG 9 months!" :)

Nate met me at the doctor, we waited....and waited some more...and then waited a little longer...When we finally got to go in the back... Kim (the same girl who took my blood 4 weeks ago when they were testing my thyroid and other things....the one who witnessed my passingout and baby seizure - yea that is a whole other story - life in the Cass house is never boring...) anyway - she said - "I was so excited to see your name today - we are going to be parents - your first baby!!!" She made me take another test - confirmed again (that makes 9 times)....then we waited for the sonogram room....Where we saw our Jelly Bean.

The Dr. Joked with Nate (who was in his UPS uniform) that his boss was probably not going to be to happy with him about the timing of the Bean... right in the middle of PEAK season. Oh well, Bean will get here when Bean wants to get here - Peak or no Peak!
The Dr. told me not to each lunch meat (unless its been heated), no feta cheese (which is a staple in my diet) UNLESS it is pasturized - thank goodness this is an option - 1 Diet Coke a day.. EEK! - and a couple of other things....you know...all the same things I had been reading on EVERY pregnancy website imaginable since that first positive test two weeks ago.... :)

Either way...the highlight of this week for sure...seeing our JellyBean. OOOOrrrr was it seeing Nate fistpump about the possibility of a day off during peak??....either way, I think I am starting to get excited..... :)

So JellyBean, we are praying over you daily...okay...more like minute-ly! I hope you grow into a big healthy Bean! And I can't wait to meet you! November 27, 2011 - which probably means no Black Friday shopping for mama....wow...
....yes, the mama AND the no Black Friday part! :)

I cant wait to tell our parents...but we are waiting til Mother's Day....
IF we make it that long without spilling the Bean... HA! :)
Okay, I'm done!


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