Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Thanksgiving came and went quickly this year!  The kids (and Nate) (although when I write "the kids" isn't Nate automatically included most times?) loved helping make pies and casseroles in the morning.  This was the first year I feel like they were totally into the Macy's Parade.  Maybe because Colette and Nick are now in NYC?  Or maybe because they turn everything into a dance party and they had "live music".  Either way, Skylar is already planning her trip to see it in person next year.

The boys won the height contest when we stacked our pies - this is the BEST apple pie recipe - and so easy - even a kid (or husband) can make it!

We didn't get a great family picture - I look exhausted and Wyatt looks confused...but this is us!

This holiday season I am having to make a conscious effort to sit back and enjoy.  It was never in my plan for our adoption not to be final by now.  I have NO CLUE what the Lord is trying to teach us - other than patience and trust in His plan.  I don't know how our story will end - but I am trusting in the One who is writing it.  I have to constantly remind myself of God's promises lately - He will never leave us, He will never leave her, He has a plan and it's so much better than mine - so much better that even if He told me I wouldn't believe it. 

I have so very much to be thankful for - and the more I focus on those things - the easier it is to sit back and enjoy the place we are in right now at this very moment.

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