Monday, April 2, 2018

Family Pictures

Last year, I didn't do family pictures.  I didn't want to because I felt like we were leaving out our China Baby - and I just knew we would have her soon enough and need to do a new photoshoot anyway.

Well, we all know how that has gone - so this year - we did them anyway.

I got so many messages about our outfits this year that it makes me laugh. My mom and I spent a Sunday afternoon at the mall - and I am positive I bought us all 3 or 4 outfit options each -- and brought them all home to lay out and choose.  I ended up keeping one shirt for Wyatt and one shirt for Skylar - and took everything else back.   Remind me of this next year when we need updated pictures!?  The best place for me to shop is my own closet - where I know what I like and what's comfortable.  My kids have awesome aunts and grandparents who keep them well-dressed - so a few trips to everyone's closet and we had "perfectly coordinated" outfits.  Can't beat that.

My sweet friend Lydia got some perfect shots - and I only needed one!  The kids were so much easier this year than in years past - it was almost painless! (Minus that giant return shopping trip I had to do.)


Nate had a migraine while we took these but you would never know by looking at him. Doesn't being a dad look great on him? 

These pictures are a beautiful reminder to me to not skip out on things just because we aren't necessarily where we want to be.  I am learning to be content wherever we are - and to stop and enjoy this season of life! We are so very blessed!

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