Sunday, August 12, 2012

9 Months.

Dear Skylar, This past month was the best on of my life so far. You have brought more joy than I ever thought imaginable - it keeps getting better and better!! This month I feel like you learned something new almost every day - it is amazing to watch your little hands and feet grow and to know that behind those big baby blues your little brain is going a mile a minute - soaking up new things with every waking moment! You went to your first week of VBS this month, well, part of the week anyway -- you got sick on Wednesday (102.8 fever) and ended up with Coxsackie virus - so you were home the rest of the week -- this was also your first major sickness - and boy what a yucky one! Your little mouth was covered in blisters on the inside -- and even some on the outside and you had the hardest time eating/drinking/swallowing. I am so thankful that it was only 4 days where you felt terrible (and didn't sleep through the night -- wowza!)-- and not the "average" 8-10 days -- We still were in the house for at least 10, but I was very thankful to have such a sweet, happy baby who really handled being sick way better than mommy did! :) You noticed shadows this month -- which was hilarious - I was feeding you one morning and I noticed you were staring at the tray of your high chair everytime I tried to give you a bite you would slap your hand down -- it took a few minutes (mommy is kinda slow sometimes) but I realized it was the shadow of the spoon and my hand and you were trying to catch it! So cute! You tried alot of new foods this month - and really enjoyed everything! You had lasagna, pizza, cantelope, honeydew, goldfish, grapes, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, lima beans and raisins. The only thing that isn't really your favorite is avacado -- but I think its a texture thing more than flavor. You also learned how to (successfully) drink from your sippie cup -- you have played with one -- and used one with help before -- but now you are a pro -- usually you dump it all the way up in the air and fill your mouth to full the first time and water goes everywhere -- but once to realize that it is full, you do a really good job using it. Your daddy has always whistled to you -- and you have always watched his mouth im amazament -- on July 16 -- you whistled back -- and now you do it all.the.time. It is so cute! You will crawl around and whistle -- or when you are playing -- rarely when someone asks you to - (unless it is your dad) but I am so happy we got this on video because no one would believe me otherwise! :) You started repeating words this month - or things that sound like said "Uh Oh" after I said it one day -- then the rest of the day you said "uh oh" but never again since. You started saying "hey" everytime someone picks up their phone or if you are holding a phone. You also said "bye bye" to the Target cashier (totally made his day). You can make an indian noise with your mouth and hand -- and sometimes you will grab the hand of whoever is holding you and use their hand. You also can blow rasberries on yourself or others. It is kinda gross but really funny at the same time -- you get the biggest kick out of making others laugh! You started mimicing the "fish face" -- and sometimes doing it when you give kisses. You are so sweet with your babydolls - and other real babies -- always want to give them sugar. You started getting your second tooth towards the end of the month - and other than a tiny fever -- you weren't fussy or grouchy at all. The funniest thing you have done to date happened on Monday July 30th. We went on a run in the morning and I had you set up in our room with some toys so that you could play while I showered. Apparently you would much rather get in the shower. Before I knew it I saw 2 little hands under the shower curtain and about 30 seconds later you crawled in. Fully clothed. And SOO proud of yourself. You played and played -- it was Hil.Ar.Ious. I think I laughed for 2 hours. You were soaking wet but were sad to get out when it was over. You waved bye-bye on the 7th. To cousin Jill. I'm not sure who was more excited -- me or Jill!! We were both screaming about how cute it was and then I'm pretty sure I cried! haha! I am just so proud of all you are learning! We are on the last part of your first year now. I can't believe that in 90 days you will be 1 year old. Waaahhhhh. I am so very very very proud of you and how smart and sweet you are. There are no words that could ever explain how I feel when I look at you. I can't wait to see what the next 30 days bring us, sweet girl. Mama Loves You.

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