Saturday, August 4, 2012

7 months

Dear Skylar, This past month was FULL of firsts -- I am always excited to get you up in the morning because I can't wait to see what you will learn/do each day! You are still on the skinny side (but tall!) -- in 6 month clothes -- most of which are still really big on you -- alot of 3 month things you can still wear as long as they are longer! Still in size 2 diapers. I feel like you are getting bigger and bigger everyday and then we go to the nursery and I see you around other kids and immediately realize you are still my little munchkin! I hope you stay tiny -- makes me feel like I still have a baby!! You babbled "Mama" at the very begining of this month -- but are still mostly squealing or saying "dada" ALL.DAY.LONG. I really wish you would remember that "Dada" is not the one who gets you out of all those stinky diapers all day long....maybe throw a "Mama" in there every now and then! :) You sat yourself up on the May 8th - started "scooting" (which is sometimes more like a head dive) on the 9th -- crawled (a REAL crawl) for the first time on the 23rd and by the 30th we could barely keep up with you! It is CRAZY to me how quickly you are learning! You pulled up to standing for the first time on the 28th -- although I am hoping this was just a fluke!! :) You reached for me from your crib for the first time when I came to get you in the morning -- I wish I could have seen the look on my own face- I probably scared you I was so excited! You got your first insect sting (on your foot) while we were out for a run -- I felt really bad because I finished my run thinking you were just being fussy but saw the sting once we got home -- by this time you were over it --and it was my turn to cry because I felt so bad!! I sure hope I'm not ruining you completely!! :) We took you to the beach for the first time this month at the beginning of the month -- you really enjoyed watching everyone -- and you always enjoy being outside -- we didn't last very long though -- maybe 2 hours - it was too windy for our umbrella and I was so worried you would get burnt! It was nice to see you soaking up the new sights and sounds. At the end of the month we spent a week at the beach in Palm Coast with Mimi, Poppy, Candace, Colette, Stephen, Casey and our family -- you had a blast -- (although - probably not as much fun as Mimi did having you in the same house for a week!) You really enjoyed the beach and did really well outside -- I was kind of suprised! I can't wait til next summer when I know you will enjoy going to the ocean as much as I do! :) You have really enjoyed eating this month -- you had puffs, watermelon, ritz crackers, yogurt, strawberries and pancakes. I can tell you are going to be a fruit lover and you really enjoy anything you can feed yourself. You also experienced bubbles for the first time -- watching you try to catch them is hilarious and its even more funny when someone catches one for you and watching you ever so slowly try to touch it without popping it! So.stinking.cute. I know the next month is going to be crazy just because of how mobile you have become! I feel a ton of adventures coming on! :) We are so proud of you, baby girl! And so very thankful that God gave you to us! Love you, Mommy

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