Saturday, August 4, 2012

8 Months

Skylar, You just had your eight month birthday! Is that possible??? (I know, broken record!) But this has seriously been the most fun month yet! We are definitely in the groove of this mommy-daughter thing and this month was even more fun than the last! Still in size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes. Although, we did realize this month there are a couple of things you are still wearing that are 0-3 months! Ha! Makes me feel like you are still a "baby". You weighed in at 15 pounds 5 ounces at 8 months. You finally decided to roll from your back to your tummy this month. You were crawling all over the place and would roll from tummy to back and play -- but would realize you "couldn't" roll back and start flailing around like a stuck turtle. You were more than capable all along of flipping yourself back over (I mean you sit yourself up and crawl all over!!) -- you would just rather someone do it for you - stinker! You are definitely pulling up to stand on things now -- still a little unsure sometimes of how to get down -- if there is nothing for you to hold onto on the way down sometimes you just cry until someone helps you down -- I guess that is what happens when you fall a few too many times and bump your bum or head. :) We spent a little time at the pediatrician and cariologist this month to try to figure out why your lips/mouth and face will sometimes turn blue (your hands and feet too). We found out that you have PDA - Patent ductus arteriosus - a VERY mild form of it -- and your ductus arteriosus never closed all the way after birth. This is not terribly uncommon in babies who are early (especially preemies)- you were three weeks early - but normally it will correct itself in the first year. This causes you to have a slight heart mumur as well. The doctor has told us there is NOTHING to be concerned about at this point -- we have to go back after you turn 1 and if it is still open then they will do a small outpatient procedure to close it for you. I was so nervous when you were all hooked up to the machines - you had an EKG and a heart sonogram - but everyone was so sweet. Thankfully we were also referred to a super sweet cardiologist from one of mommy's friends who has a little girl with a heart defect. He was so nice and put us totally at ease. We are hoping that when we go back for your follow up - there will be no surgery and we will never have to go back again! We are so so thankful you are such a healthy, sweet, happy baby. You played peek-a-boo for the first time (well, meaning you actually played WITH mommy - instead of mommy doing all the work)! You were using the hood on your bath towel and covering your face and then popping out from under it and laughing -- everytime I would say "Where's Skylar" you would uncover your face - laugh - and then go right back in your hood. So funny. There were lots of new BIG people foods this month -- nectarine and spaghetti were your favorite! You definitely prefer to have to "chew" your food instead of being fed baby food. This makes my life a little easier since i was making your food -- now I just make sure we have lots of veggis and fruit in the house and you basically eat what we eat (minus the meat)! A few days before you turned 8 months (July 4) we saw the first signs of a tooth coming in. What a relief to me since I had been dreaming that you were never going to get teeth and we would have to get you dentures before you went to first grade! ha! Your tooth didn't actually break through the gums for almost a week after we could "see" it -- but I was relieved none the less -- now I know at least you will have one tooth before you go to school! :) We can't wait to see what you learn this next month -- your babbling has become the constant throughout the day -- and I LOVE it! I sure hope you are an early communicator -- even though everyone tells me that once you start talking I will take this statement back - I can't wait til you can "talk" -- so I can hear your little tiny voice! :) I am in love with you, sweet girl! You are beautiful, smart, funny and perfect in every way! Love, Mommy

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