Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blowout Bonanza.

First of all, we have been SO blessed by family, friends and good couponing/stockpiling skills -- that we have not purchased diapers since before you were born.

However -- we HAVE learned that when the day comes that we do end up buying more of them -- there are several brands we will not choose to spend money one.

Some brands no matter how well you fasten them....they leave you WAITING for that explosive sound followed by the "moist" feeling through the back/side/leg of the outfit you are wearing. (I HATE the word "moist" -- seriously -- it grosses me out just to type it -- but it describes the feeling perfectly.) Thankfully -- we have used all of the "least successful crap catchers" and will hereafter never purchase them again.

But - since we would hate for these moments to go undocumented -- yes, we took pictures of just a few (and quite honestly -- some of these blowouts are just unbelievable). Yes, Syklar, they will be on your senior page in your yearbook. Your father was so proud that he was dry heaving and gagging - like a little girl - and taking pictures -- while I was left to fend for myself.

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