Sunday, April 8, 2012

4 months!

Dear Sweet Skylar,

You are 4 months old! How can this be?? Last year this time -- we didn't even know about you yet - and now you are already a third of the way to your first birthday??? Where is time going? I wish it would slow down!

You are growing like a weed! At your 4 month appointment you were 12lbs. 8oz and 25 inches long! Tall and skinny - supermodel baby! I sure hope you enjoy it while it lasts, sister, cause it sure ain't in your genes to stay that way! :) You are so long - but its all torso -- little stumpy legs! So cute! I had to put some of your 3 months clothes away because they are too short -- especially shirts! You are able to wear some 6 months clothes -- but they are definitely not "fitting" yet! Still in size two diapers -- and actually getting a little bit better about not needing your diaper changed 13 times a day -- we actually had a day where we only went through 7 diapers! WOW! I also think you took 2 or 3 really long naps that day - but still - we are making progress! :)

You are getting over your "stranger danger" somewhat -- you are fine with people talking to you (not so much holding you) -- as long as mommy or daddy are near or holding you -- and as long as someone isn't really in your personal space! I'm sure you will grow out of this just in time for it to hit again around 9 or 10 months! :)

You had your first Valentine's Day -- and BOY was Daddy so glad to have you for his Valentine -- I couldn't get enough pictures of you guys that day -- he was so proud of his "sweet baby girl". Of course, you had a new dress and an adorable outfit -- none of which you will remember or care about -- but I can't help but want to dress you up for all of your "first" holidays!

You found your ears this month! At first I thought it might have been that they were bothering you -- but instead I think you just like feeling yourself pull on them! Its kinda funny - If we could just get you to stick your tounge out while you pull them you would make your first official "funny face".

You are rolling from your tummy to your back -- even though it still kind of scares you when you do it! We keep reassuring you that its good to use your muscles -- I'm not sure you are really doing it on purpose yet! Speaking of muscles, you sure are a strong girl -- you are peeking OVER your crib bumpers when you push up on your hands to greet us in the morning! Its SO. STINKING. CUTE. Every morning I can't wait to wake you up and see your grin. You seem to grow in your sleep because every morning you seem bigger and more grown to me! Please slow down! :)

On March 4th - you were dedicated at church. I was so nervous because they dedicate on Sunday nights - and it was right on the brink of our bath/bedtime routine and I was afraid you might have a meltdown in front of God and everyone (no really, in church)....but instead you were an angel child. I am so thankful for a church that is so supportive of parents - and has such a passion for babies like you, Skylar. Your daddy and I pray every day that we can be good examples for you, and that you will ask Jesus into your heart at an early age. You have been given such a gift by having a church family that prays for babies and their parents -- and who ministers to preschoolers the way that our church does -- I hope you always remember that.

You laughed out loud for the first time on March 5th. I died. No seriously. You melted a little part of my soul. If I could bottle that sound and sell it -- people all over the world would literally be able to buy happiness. I am so so so thankful to have been able to hear my own baby's laugh. It has truly been one of my most favorite moments of being your mom.

You are growing so fast - I am doing my very best to take it all in and enjoy every single second! I don't want to miss a thing. This month it really hit me how very very thankful I am for your daddy, and how hard he works so that I can stay home and make memories with you everyday. How fortunant I am to be able to be your mom -- and how blessed I am to get to watch every moment of your growing. We are truly blessed to be your parents, Skylar. I hope that you can feel how much we love you -- and I can't wait to see what this next month holds!

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