Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Months

Dear Sweet Skylar,

Wow. I can't even start a post to you without welling up with tears. I just absolutely overflow with love for you. The past two months have FLOWN by - I can't believe I have had the priveledge of being your mommy for 62 days! They have been the most rewarding 62 days of my life. I can't remember life without you!

You are growing so fast! Too fast! Please slow down! You have had so many first this past month! Everyday your daddy and I say you are more beautiful than the day before! You sure have him wrapped.

In the past month you had your first Christmas. You won't remember it - but I will never forget it. I - I mean Santa - was so excited to fill your stocking (with baby jeans, bows and shoes!) and wrap presents for you! You were definitely spoiled! My favorite part of Christmas this year was holding you and knowing you were the best present I could have ever prayed for! You went to church for the first time on Christmas Eve - we had a little "discussion" on the way to church about talking and crying in church - you must have listened because you behaved like an angel! :)

You had your first real smile - and once you started smiling you never stopped. I am so thankful that you always start your night time feedings off by giving me that big - sweet - gummy grin - I live for that 4am smile!

Your eyelashes are to.die.for. - they have gotten so much darker in the past month. One more thing you got from your daddy. :)

You love it when you sneeze - you think it is so funny! When daddy or I blow in your face you want to laugh so bad but haven't let it out yet!

You started to coo - and love it when daddy or I mimic you back! I could talk to you for hours! (if only you would stay awake!)

You are wearing size 1 diapers (and still hate a wet or dirty diaper) - I think the record at this point is 4 diapers in a 15 minute period! I am sure hoping this makes you easy to potty train!

Your clothes are all size 3 month - and boy do you look great in a bow! You have one for every outfit - and if you don't - I make one for you before we wear that outfit out! :)

You got your shots at your two month appointment on January 4 - and boy did it break my heart to see those two real tears come out of your eyes! When you wrapped your arms around my neck and cried - I would have given you the moon to make you feel better! I hated every second of it for you! You weighed in at 10 pounds 8 ounces and you are 23 3/4 inches tall! Our long skinny little peanut!

You are finally starting to enjoy being on your back - for SHORT periods of time - especially in your baby gym that your Grams got you for Christmas.

You are scooting from one end of your crib to the other and even turning around. You are rolling from your belly to your back - and boy can I tell when you have done it and woke yourself up during the middle of the night! That is a cry like none other - and flipping you to your belly solves all your problems instantly!

You LOVE being read to - and are starting to focus on the book if we put the pictures in front of you.

Your little personality is definitely starting to come through and I can see we are going to have a little spitfire on our hands! I wouldn't have it anyother way!

You make my world go around - you are the sunshine in my days, Skylar. I am so very very thankful to be your mommy. I have prayed for you since before I knew you and I never imagined how you would change my life.

When your daddy prays over you each night before we tuck you in we always pray that you will know Jesus early and always love him - without HIM I wouldn't have your daddy or you!

I can't wait to watch you grow over the next month and see how much more beautiful you become!

Love you my sweet girl.

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