Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Has another week already come and gone?

Last weekend we had a FULL weekend planned - I think the thing I was MOST looking forward to - was seeing Skylar again in 3D!

Unfortunantly - the little booger is stubborn - just like her mama daddy. She was completely content to leave her back to the camera - no matter what we did to try to get her to roll over. Apparently - regardless of the fact that we scheduled the appointment during her most active time of the day - she decided it was nap time as soon as we pulled into our parking spot at Sneak Peak Studios. We were able to see her BEAUTIFUL backbone....her little butt - we confirmed she was a girl - twice - (this has, thankfully, made the dreams I have been having that she comes out and the Dr. says "It's a Boy!" go away!) and we saw the back of her head - which is covered in hair. (This might explain the heartburn if you believe the old wives tales about pregnancy?! However, it could all fall out before she gets here too.)

Anyway - we ended up going to lunch at Al's Pizza (delish) and then running errands the rest of the day on Saturday.

Sunday was Skylar's First Shower - hosted by Nate's mom and grandma. So sweet. The cake was delicious! The decorations were adorable - and Skylar received a TON of awesome things from all of her aunts, adopted grandmas and great grandmas! This will be one spoiled little girl! That is for sure!

I didn't get very many pictures - but here are a few! I think it is pretty safe to say, this little girl is L.O.V.E.D. Can't wait to see her sweet face!! (Which, *hopefully*, will be this weekend at our SECOND attempt to have another ultrasound -- the little rascal MIGHT just get a Mt. Dew for breakfast so she can't HELP but dance around for the camera!)

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