Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Less than 10 weeks!! eeekkk!!

No. It cannot be that close already. While on some days I am ready for her to be here -- some days I am definitely not. Today is a "not ready" day. I do feel myself slowly starting to swell... like really swell....like my nose is 4 times bigger today than it was yesterday...is that even possible? yuck. These are the little things that I know do not matter...and they will all be worth it when she gets here...but I would totally be okay with having a normal sized sniffer until she gets here. I mean - I am pregnant. I am not gonzo. Or....am I?

Here is a picture from this week.

Oh wait, that's the wrong one.. :)

I am ready for her bedding to get here so I can update the nursery....oh wait - she needs a mattress stil so that I can put the bedding IN the bed! :)


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