Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching Up!

It has been since Christmas since I logged in. WOW! Alot has happened since then - basically we have started an entirely new life! This might sounds like an exaggeration - but to us it sure feels like it!
Nate and I both started new jobs on Feb. 21st! Nate was FINALLY promoted with UPS - after a long Long LOng LONg LONG time of waiting ...did I mention that it took forever? :) Either way, it just all goes to show that God's timing is never ours, and it is always better than anything we could plan on our own!

Nate and I talked over the Christmas about how my job at ACS was really beginning to take a toll on every part of our lives. The crazy long hours, the 24-7 access that some volunteers have to us (and by us, I mean ME, which is US when its the little bit of time WE are together -- you following?) ..and then there is the real issue with alot of internal issues that I will not go into - needless to say - when Nate is working nights and days, and I was working days and nights - we never spent any time together. And while ACS is a WONDERFUL organization, that I believe with all my heart does AMAZING things for cancer patients and families in the community- I knew that I couldn't work their forever when I started. And I am super sad to see my time there end, I made a TON of FRIENDS true FRIENDS that I know will be my friends for a very long time -- THAT makes leaving a little bit easier! :)

Anyway, I am working for Rogers Towers Law Firm downtown - (about 2 blocks from ACS) in their Document Processing Center. It's totally different, being in one spot all day and not in my car running from Southside to San Marco to Baldwin and then the Northside is a little wierd - but I am adjusting. :)

Nate is loving his new gig at UPS, he is an onroad supervisor in the North Center...which basically means a whole lotta nothin' to most short, he supervises/trains/enforces "stuff" with drivers that drive in the "north"...which from what I can tell means anywhere downtown, northside, fernandina, hillard, callahan....all the way to the GA border! :) He's happy, he is not working 2 part time jobs anymore, which means more time at home...which means I'm happy. :)

So that is us right now....happy happy happy. :)

Thats all I have to update for now, except we are working on and finishing up several projects around the hours, so maybe I will post about those when I have a little down time here in the office! :) Another perk to being in the office...down time...what is that you might ask....why I had no clue until I started here.... but apparently is comes with a side of no stress...which happens to be my favorite thing in life right now! :)


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