Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You Shutterfly!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting Christmas cards with PICTURES!! Okay, so maybe I love getting any piece of mail that isn't a bill - but I definitely hang the Christmas picture cards up on display for much longer that just the holidays!

This is why I am SOO SOO excited about using Shutterfly for the very first time with their Christmas Card giveaway!

I love the picture cards they have this year!


These are my favorites!!

I cannot WAIT to figure out which pictures we will use for ours - maybe one from our trip to Colorado in the snow?? Or the traditional FL card - on the beach or in a tank top?? :)

Maybe I should get a picture of the dogs posted on a mug for Nate?? HA! It could be his first “dad” Christmas gift….from the pups!

THANK YOU SHUTTERFLY!! Visit www.shutterfly.com and get your cards today!!

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